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13 April 2012


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I remember reading that as a kid in our local metro newspaper.

r whitman

Do you mean "worth noting" or "worth nothing". This goes to our American propensity to make up numbers for everything.

Babak Makkinejad

That is a true statement.



NASA's conclusion at the time was that Viking did not fins life. pl


Low probablilty of being real, but if real, it's huge news. Finding life - even just strong evidence of extinct microbial life - on (past, really) the outer edge of the Goldilocks Zone tilts the parameters of Drakes Equation pretty heavily in favor of sapient ET's being out there somewhere.

I'm skeptical, but I hope it's true. The implications - scientific, theological, and political - are truly stagerring. Was it Arthur C. Clarke who said something like:

"Alien life is out there somewhere, or we're alone in the universe - either way, it's [mind-blowing]".

Mark Logan

elkern, Had to share, in case anyone was unaware of it:


Seems CETI not finding anything (yet) is utterly meaningless. We couldn't find ourselves just one light year away.

The Twisted Genius

A while back, we had a discussion about budget cuts at NASA. Just read an article stating that NASA is pulling out of two ESA Mars projects and is seeking a cheaper way to adhere to its goal of putting a man on Mars in the 2030s. The ESA projects, aimed at bringing Martian soil samples back to Earth, will go forward with Russia as a partner. With this latest news about the Viking discovery, I think it would be a good time to seriously consider the idea of a concerted international effort of exploring Mars.



DNA is an ongoing counter argument...Hegel saw it...hello brother antithesis

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