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06 April 2012


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William R. Cumming

Blessed be the Peacemakers!


So this yahwah killed your first born if you did not sprinkle blood on your door ??
Are you all mad?? That is not a God.
He told the Jews they were his favotites and the rest of us are sh*t? Who said so. The Jews
And he gave them the Arabs land. Who said so. The Jews.
Why has he stopped waving his finger at them?.
When will we grow up and realise that was a jewish story.
The God of the new testament only says love your neighbour. Everything follows.


oh boindub,

seems to me the choosing of The Chosen is a clear manifestation of lovingness, patience, and mercy -- plus a sense of humor.


Wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter and Passover.

And if you think German-Irish (I be one) don't like Jewish food, you'd be very wrong.

I'm not going to make potato pancakes or Matzoh balls this year though. Going too make an old Southern favorite, mashed potato cakes. My aunt used to make them for the family all the time in my youth. Fond memories. Sorta like Truman Capote's fruitcake or that Frog's petite mandoline (variously spelt).

Off to do some prep work for the big day.

Happy Easter and Passover to All!


not odd of God
to choose the jews
Goyim annoyim


Brings to mind that old English standby, bubble and squeak--leftover mashed potatoes, leftover cabbage, throw in some bread crumbs,form into patties, and fry em up!


Thanks Steve.
I never thought of putting cabbage in it.
Might have to try that next time.

Wait. A case of brain flatulence. When the weather breaks here I'm going to try to make kimchi with domestic green ball cabbages. The cooking authorities tell me it can be done. It will have some heat, and a bit in the mashed potato cakes might be interesting.


I join in, wishing everyone a happy Easter and Passover.

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