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18 April 2012


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Agree. Flynn does sound like a good idea. He's certainly no stranger to DIA. He was plucked from the J2 in the Pentagon (a DIA position) by Petraeus and McCrystal to head the intel shop in Afghanistan. He's coming from the DNI, just as Burgess did before him.

He wrote a scathing critique of the ineffectiveness of military intelligence in Afghanistan in 2010 and published it through CNAS. The solution he proposed in that paper called for a geographically based approach to the human and social aspects of the battlefield rather than the laser focus on the Taliban fighters and IEDs that intel was doing at that time. The changes he laid out sounded a lot like the 10th Group CASMAP (Command Area Studies and Mission Analysis Program) started in the early 80s. That program was influential throughout the Special Forces and Special Ops communities. Flynn was probably familiar with the concept from his JSOC days.

I don't know how much more change DIA can go through. That place has been through more reorganizations, restructurings, transformations and transmogrifications than I can count. As DIA Director, he will also be the commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JFCC-ISR) for U.S. Strategic Command. This is all part of the "Defense Intelligence Enterprise" thingy which eludes my understanding. If he can loosen the grip that the micromanaging bureaucrats have on the analysts and collectors, he will be doing plenty.

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