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18 April 2012


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Is Zimmerman Jewish?

Sorry, couldn't resist.



I don't get it. Zimmerman is hardly Israel. pl


He's a distraction from more pressing issues America's leadership should be addressing and the media covering.



My heartburn with the little obnoxious twits, are that they have shed U.S. blood, and continue to shed U.S. blood with no remorse on their part. If it wasn't for U.S., their little postage stamp would not exist today. It's like you said, time is running out for them and their little postage stamp.

Whoa to our beloved U.S. when a nitwit postage stamp like Israel takes a crap on U.S. at their every given opportunity, and our nation's leadership (both Dem & GOP) willingly lets them get buy with it.

Morocco Bama

So, is the attack May, June, July, August, September, October, November, thereafter, or never? I'm going with June.


Col: I want the time to run out. Quickly.

Israel will never be a Western democracy. It's frankly heart-breaking to watch a Black American president and a black American UN Ambassador offering support for ethnic/religious domination in a foreign "democracy."

America is infinitely better than that. The fact that Barack Obama and Susan Rice occupy their current positions proves that.


Well said.

Dr Onan Agitprop, DD

The catastrophic war to which you refer:
Is it with Iran, or within Israel itself? A freind of mine who has traveled their often believes a civil war there is entirely possible, even likely given the internal stresses in the country (secular vs orthodox) and worsening wealth disparity. Do you think he is right?




Bibi wants war, or rather he wants Iran wrecked. Whether or not he can pull hat off inside Israel in the face of the prospect of the deal is the question. pl


Onan (sin of?)

A poltical civil war maybe. pl

Morocco Bama

PL, I agree and I posted that comment before your latest post about the possible deal. I have to say I'm surprised about that latest news and also a bit skeptical. Of course, it would be welcome news if true. How binding and long-lasting such a deal would be is the question should it get done.

The beaver


Wait for Rice to replace Hillary at Foggy Bottom in the new cabinet (assuming BHO does not have to start packing according to Mitt LOL)


My two cents: It probably depends on whether we reciprocate. Vali Nasr told our WAC that the Iranians use the nuclear program as leverage to normalize with the USA. If the US still wants to sanction Iran over "human rights" (try not to laugh considering we never raise this issue with the Saudis), then the deal will be short-lived.

Dr Onan Agitprop

You are the only person I so far who has gotten the biblical reference. You have hit the nail on the head, as it were. Bravo.



Unless people assumed it was another one of those Just-Another-Lifestyle-Choice-type Pride thingies, IOW to be treated as best-not-mentioned, something-to-be-tastefully-overlooked??

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