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19 April 2012


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Babak Makkinejad

These are all one-shot affairs.

As Dr. Abassi, head of Iran Atomic Energy Organization and a Vice President, who survived an assasination attempt earlier, observed a few weeks ago: "We are fortunate that we have Americans as our teachers."

Paul Escobar

To all,

The way Mr. Salle summarizes the MEK's "accomplishments", they seem to be a pretty professional & impressive force.

But I'm not clear on what they are tapping into...to get Iranians themselves to participate in such complex infiltrations & operations.

Many have said that Iranians across the spectrum support the idea of the nation acquiring nuclear weapons. Here in Canada, we had the popular dissident Hossein Derakshan (now imprisoned by Iran) proudly welcoming the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Yet the MEK is going out of its way to undermine the long-term security of a state they wish to rule some day. And they are clearly working for the benefit of foreign governments who would find them unacceptable in any other circumstances.

Perhaps they are recruiting from disgruntled ethnic groups? Perhaps the lure of foreign currency is enough? Neither seem like convincing explanations for the breadth of what they seem to have accomplished.


If this is such a threat to Iran's grid then why are we making a concerted push for open-source applications on the grid in the US?



From my own direct conversations with people deep in the US and Israeli national security establishments, I can say that there is nothing in Richard Sale's excellent report that in any way contradicts what I've been told. Collaboration between the US and Israel on cyberwarfare is going on at an unprecedented level, with a number of joint facilities operating in both the US and Israel. But the US is definitely NOT currently involved in any of the Israeli/MEK assassination programs. Indeed, if you follow the several excellent stories by Mark Perry in Foreign Policy magazine online, Israel is really pissing off US counterparts by running false flag recruitment of anti-Iranian Sunni terrorists, including Jundallah in the Baluchistan border region of Pakistan-Iran, and Azeri networks as well. Israel has a deal with Azerbaijan allowing them to stage operations there for assassinations and other activites targeting Iran. Some top Pentagon sources say that the deal involves Israel having access to air bases for refueling and staging of SAR teams in the event of an Israeli preventive military strike on Iran. Between Iran and Israel, the real issue is not the nuclear bomb question, because Iran is years away under the best case from having a bomb. The latest NIE from 2010, updating and extending the 2007 NIE that Iran halted work on weaponization in 2003 and has not resumed it, is widely accepted by Mossad and IDF intelligence. The real issue is Iran's advances in longer-range missile technology, with new liquid fuel and improved guidance systems. Iran will soon have an arsenal of missiles that can hit Israel in retaliation for Israeli attacks on Iran, using high-explosive conventional warheads that will, nevertheless, do devastating damage if they hit Israel's few population centers. Thanks to Pat and to Richard for this informative posting.

Morocco Bama

Well, that's the problem with assassination programs. Actually, it's the same problem with torture programs. Once you inculcate them and give them momentum, it's very difficult to not only thwart them, but to end them. Once their initial goal has been accomplished, they don't just fade into the abyss, rather, in order to maintain and/or build...in order to survive, a new goal for the program must be fomented. With the Israeli assassination squads, it started with the ex-nazis, but now that most of them are dead, other targets must be created and/or found. And now we have a lethal tool running amuck.

Medicine Man

Interesting point. I've never thought about the Israeli assassination program in continuum with their early efforts.

I've long been arguing about the formidable bureaucratic inertia of torture programs and I'm regarded as alarmist in my own social circle for it. Always gratifying to see I'm not the only one who perceives the danger.


Babak Makkinejad,
To buttress your point, it appears that the Iranians making headway hacking their way into the control systems software of the drone that crashed last year. The gift that keeps giving....

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