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18 April 2012


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Pirate Laddie

Excellent decision.


A correct and proper analysis of the services and a proper decision. Facebook's oversharing seriously limits its usefulness.

Morocco Bama

Couldn't agree more. I belong to neither for the very same reasons.


Col: Real friends:facebook friends as lightning: lightning bug.


Col. Lang:

Good for you. I know it's extreme but 'when you lie down with dogs' comes to mind.


It seems to be pretty difficult to get out of Facebook. I've tried for over a year now. Be careful not to click on any links the send, it seems to renew the account. I never did, even if the links were connected to old friends. But I am still listed in spite of never doing the above.


Good for you. I'm a Facebook dropout too.


Mike Martin, Yorktown VA

If it weren't for family and a handful of genuine friends, I' d quit Facebook tomorrow. Still, I can't say I plan on buying any shares of FB whenever the vaunted IPO happens.

Google+ isn't bad now that I've got news feeds set up, but I share but damn little in the way of personal info.

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