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21 April 2012


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Would somebody be so kind as to enlighten me as to who exactly are these scowling "terrorists" and their supporters whose alleged existence continues to launch well more than the thousand ships launched to retrieve Helen? Are they the same imagined people that led president Obama to sign legislation that, among other onerous things, casts habeus corpus on the scrap heap of "quaint" political ideas? If so, that means yet a further extension of the war against any Muslim hostile to the United States - a rough estimate being a few hundred million people. If, in contrast, it means concrete persons capable and likely to do us harm, then they number in the three figures worldwide and hardly seem to constitute a threat of the magnitude that demands that we turn the Republic inside out,



My guess would be that the politicos (perhaps) Panetta would rather have a civilian secretary rather than an active duty officer supervise something as sensitive as non-official cover.

In re to threats, let us not fall into the Stimson mind-set (...gentlemen do not read each other's mail). Countries do not have friends among other countries in spite of all the BS about "special relationships" "allies" etc. pl

robt willmann

Speaking of companies supported or influenced by a military, but perhaps not with a secret cover, we have the following.

Back at the ranch--the Egyptian ranch, that is--this article claims that Egyptian companies have cancelled the natural gas contract with Israel from which Israel gets about 40 percent of its natural gas.





You do';t understand how commercial cover works. the company hides the operative and facilitates his operations. They don't really get anything for that except the satisfaction of doing something patriotic. You don't believe it? Too bad. pl

robt willmann

I did not put clearly what I was trying to introduce, and apologize for not doing so. I thought that the supposed cancellation of the natural gas contract between Egyptian companies Israel is a significant thing and wanted to present that information; it really does not relate to the topic of commercial cover. That first sentence was not necessary and was a clumsy attempt to tie it to the post.

William R. Cumming

Perhaps all DoD foreign deployments should be under commercial cover and only in uniformed positions when the Congress declares war?

Should the Active Forces in the USA always be in uniform when on duty?

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