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06 April 2012


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As I think I mentioned, Colonel (Ret.) Christopher Bolan was my student at USMA when he was a cadet. pl


Like, what a buzz kill, Chris.

'Who could have foreseen' that this is where we'd end up?


I see a need for a nationwide mandatory four year high school course in civics.
Naturally, the course would touch upon all aspects of government. One aspect
would be civil-military relations, responsibilities, and the implications of military
involvement. We need a more knowledgeable citizenry from which to select
responsible leaders. As I see it, this approach would be the minimum necessary
foundation for a more knowledgeable and responsible citizenry, and I feel Dr. Bolan's
assessment of our Iraq experience would provide a perfect example of all the manner of factors involved in our decision to intervene there and the results of that intervention.



Chris Bolan will recall the occasion well before the invasion in 2003 when as the military staff officer to the VP he took me to see Cheney's ME man as well as Libby. I told them both that if they were going to do the invasion they should have at least six divisions in the ground force. At the time they were receiving a lot of madcap advice. One armored enthusiast insisted that the brigades were all that would be needed. pl

William R. Cumming

Perhaps it is time to determine what constitutes a "win" or a "loss" for any military op in the 21st Century? And the timeframe. Some view the longterm effort of the US in Viet Nam as sowing seeds that may only flower long after the Viet Minh generation is resting below the surface of the earth.

Did the Soviet Union win in WWII given the passage of time?

Did the US win the "cold war"?

Personally IMO given another 100 or 500 years of human history the 20th Century could look quite aberational [hopefully]! earben

Chris Bolan

Well nice to see that hope yet springs eternal :=)

Another interesting thought experiment relevant to Iraq is to the consider the following counter-factual: Let's assume that the US invasion never happened. Would the Arab Spring have spread to Iraq, resulted in the ouster of Saddam, and created the opportunity for the emergence of a genuinely representative government that reflected the will of the Iraqi people?



The war in Iraqi was an illegal occupation -President George W Bush and Vice President Cheney are war criminals & as such need to be given due process for this heartbreak in Mesopaetamia.



I pretty much agree with that. pl


Col Lang
Is it true neither VP Cheney or President Bush can travel overseas to to criminal charges pending?
Happy Easter to All.
Took my Step Mom & infirmed Dad to Galveston Island for stuffed flounder at Guido 's .

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