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28 March 2012


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Norbert Schulz

Well, if you see it like you read a comic book the film's quite enjoyable, but yes, the second half is thoroughly of the 'oh dear' sort.
Natalie Portman replayed her role from Star Wars. Hugo Weaving was basically Agent Smith from the Matrix again. Besides, Stephen Rea is known in Europe.

I didn't consider my money wasted, though a great movie is something else.


watched V for Vendetta recently, loved it... eye-candy effects, amazing how much character they developed into a mask

Pirate Laddie

Kinda liked it, your review as well. Something like this could be done on our side of the pond with damaged Affie & Iraq vets (Affie especially, since that's a particularly nasty sandbox) going after the critters who sold the war to a depressingly gullible populace. Seeing a bunch of war criminals (corporate, political, media) in suits fleeing justice at the hands of the folks they blithely treated as kleenex (on a good day) might have a salubrious effect -- won't know 'til we try it.
Such a film might be a good idea, too.



I see that you go for the c__p that combat veterans are "damaged." Mr. Jefferson and I reject the idea that you have to be damaged to see the need for revolt. pl

Medicine Man

Ok now you're freaking me out, Mr Farrell. Granted, I did try to bait you into commenting but even so that was quick.

Fair criticism of the movie in question though. It does have the feel of being an extended author filibuster, doesn't it? More of a message delivery system than a story; though well enough done imo. I'm told this isn't an accident. The author of the comic book source material is half an anarchist (Allen Moore). Also claims to be a wizard; I kid you not. Or maybe that's Grant Morrison I'm thinking of? No, wait, they both are occultists. Now I'm freaking myself out.

To square the circle on my rambling, much of the ideas behind The Matrix was supposedly inspired by Grant Morrison's comic the Invisibles. Maybe this is a habit for the Wachowski Brothers?

TR Stone

Loved the movie.

Pirate Laddie

We're all damaged goods. Hollywood (your friend & mine) would find it difficult to characterize such a story line in any other way. Look at how the media played the Abu Ghraib disaster and the string of unexplained attacks on "singing, dancing native peoples" by elements of the US military in Affie, including the most recent one-man (?) death squad.
Surely if the evil can't be traced to individuals, we'd be forced to consider the possibility.... no, no, let's not go there, we don't need to reflect upon whether a little rebellion is a good thing, or the types fertilizer best suited to certain trees, do we?


a warren of weenies, waffles, and wattles (like waffles, only European) and WANKERS, don't forget the wankers, where would the British (?Intelligence?) Community be without them?

Brother Farrell, another tour de force, that is some kind of furrin' car, isn't it?

I'm waiting for the review of Troll Hunter.

Babak Makkinejad

There was a war movie touching on "damaged veterans".

The character played by John Wayne insisted to the female writer that she has got it wrong and that no veteran is so damaged as not to be able to get it on with a woman.

Charles I

It was pretty hokey a bit thick, our hero a bit of a pontificating prat. I put it on when I wanted an action cartoon and I enjoyed what I got even as a I cringed a couple few times. It had more plot, albeit many plotholes,than an episode of Transformers.

Charles I

What about The Best Years of Our Lives, William Wylers's 1946 3 hanky movie? 3 guys come home, including Homer the handless who does his best to drive his sweetie away, whole thing recalls the picture of the marine getting married. Never mind John Wayne just watch Harold Russel play Homer and try not to sqirm. Happy ending tho.


You know how they say the book is often better than the movie? This Alan Moore guy is pretty much the caricature of it. Every one of his books had about a hundred times the depth and breadth of the respective movie (V for Vendetta, The league of extraordinary gentlemen, but also From Hell and Watchmen).

"Graphic novel" is usually a pompous way to refer to what is just a silly comic book, but in the case of Alan Moore's books the term is thoroughly justified. Strongly recommended and don't let the movies fool you.

(Also: not a word for Stephen Fry? I liked his bit in the movie)

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, that was a good movie.



Get back to me when you can be bothered to put down the crayons and write full sentences and paragraphs like an adult.


Colonel Lang,

Just for fun.
I don't watch many movies
but 3 I liked were:

V for Vendetta
Blade Runner
Ride with the Devil

USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96

Account Deleted

That was a pointless exercise in film review. Despite the blase nature of his "can't be bothered attitude" it might have helped if he actually got some of his references correct. Axe to grind much?

Jim Ticehurst

"Ax the Grind" ? "Pointless Excercise in Film Review"..? You don't know Alan do You..? He has such great and Humerous Ways of "Maintaining the Status Quo.."..His Movie revies are "Purple Prose From a Black Room.."

One of my greaty Joys is reading Alans Reviews..

Perhaps you should read his Books..and other writing here..at SST..Its avaiable on Pats list of "Categories" on the Right ..

If You really want to know the MAN, Read his Bio..or His Book.."Expended Casings" about His Special Forces service in Viet Nam..

General Farrell..Doctor of French Farrell..Professor Farrell..
has no Ax to Grind..He is one of the few who knows how the Cow Shit got on the Roof..and writes a humor Review about it..

Carry On Alan.."Under the Colors"


Enjoyed the movie but the homosexual charecter railing against Christian tyranny while praising the Quran (among other things) was a bit telling that there's a bunch of leftist hypocrisy lurking below the surface.


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was an excellent graphic novel. The addition of Tom Sawyer to 'appeal' to American audiences was telling that the movie was going to be a dissapointment.


AFAIK The Matrix's original concept was developed by a black woman and then the Brothers adapted the ideas of a consensus reality and good freedom fighters versus the tyranny of order from a pen and paper role playing game.

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