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16 March 2012


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William R. Cumming

I watch on c-span probably two dozen Congressional hearings a year. Increasingly I find that MEMBERS often cannot complete a sentence or thought. Perhaps all ADD or ADHD?


Col. Lang:

The ability to make reasonable self-assessments of one's stimulus value to others is usually seen as an important skill on the pathway to success.

My observations tell me that there is an increasing number of politicians who appear bereft of this skill and show little need or understanding of the importance of acquiring it. Moreover, despite this patent deficit they continue to be elected to positions of power and responsibility. What does this say about the people who elect them?

For all his faults, real or imagined, IMO this capacity for critical self-examination remains the one thing that distinguishes President Obama from his current Republican challengers.

r whitman

Is the Congressman real or is it some actor playing a stupid congressman?? This is, after all, a humor program.

Eric Dönges

One of the congressman's final sentences "we didn't create this situation - even if we did create the law" (and the way he said it) leads me to believe he knew quite well that he was having his leg pulled, but didn't know quite how to react. More importantly, he knew full well that he was defending a bad decision, but UNESCO probably doesn't do much for his reelection fund ...

Byron Raum

Rep Waxman was a great disappointment. I had seriously thought he was a lot smarter than this. I worry about Jon Stewart. He's just doing his job, and very honorably, but he's doing it to a bunch of very ruthless people.


Wexler's been on the show before several times, usually in much more overtly comical pieces, so he has to know that he's going to be made fun of. I think the man is just so rabidly pro-Israel that he doesn't see anything even slightly wrong with immiserating millions of children to spite the hated Palestinians.

Sadly, that puts him pretty much in the congressional/media mainstream.


This is a former member of Congress. Wexler resigned in 2010.



"Mad" Mike Adams

This is the most amazing piece of political reporting I have seen in years. It deserves all the Pulitzer Prizes this year with the Mainstream Media receiving none...

...Fat Chance...

The Twisted Genius

Wexler had to be part of the joke. Earlier in his career, he frequently appeared on the Colbert Report and caused a ruckus when he played along with Colbert and stated that cocaine was a lot of fun and cocaine and hookers was probably even more fun. Other reporters edited out that statement and ran it as a serious statement. Bothe Colbert and Wexler thought the incident was ridiculous. Colbert urged people to vote for Wexler because at least he had a sense of humor. Good on him for taking part in this two part Daily Show video essay. It skewered the UNESCO policy very effectively. It also skewered congressional idiocy. I really believed he was that stupid and unaware until I read more about him.




Just a Reader

That was brilliant! Wexler was part of the joke.


Wexler is a joke...!

Mark Logan

Had me going for awhile there too, if he was. Still not completely sure. Cut it a wee bit too close.

Well, at least we have fine Court Jesters....


As a matter of practical politics was there any prospect of getting a repeal of that law through this Congress? And, if not, what line of action would you suggest for the Administration?


Put another way -- how do you cope in a constitutional democracy when the legislative body passes a truly stupid law?

Charles I

If it was a spoof Wexler was in on, it was very well done. If not, I'm at a loss. . . for anything, words, ideas, they all fail me if that was real, and represented a real defence of the law by a real person...

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