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08 March 2012


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"Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs, U.S. official says

Top administration source says Obama instructed Defense Secretary to work with Defense Minister Barak, to give all due consideration to the request for purchasing GBU-28 bombs, advanced refueling aircraft.


WTF? Is Obama NUTS???



That may mean that they are going to "slow roll" them. pl


Col: Maybe they will arrive over the same time horizon that Russian technicians completed Bushehr.

The beaver

Is Stuart A. Levey still the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the Treasury Dept?

@ Jake

Can we trust that journo from Haaretz? Or is he being manipulated to report something that may not be true after all?
If Bush didn't trust Bibi and his ilks with those bombs, then why is Obama doing it?
Scuttlebutt: Seems that Dennis Ross has a direct line to the WH !!!!

Charles I

I recall seeing somewhere that I can't find just now they wanted tankers too tho they already have some Boeings, etc.

A tangent today from Asiatimes: "Banks in front line of nuclear arms campaign"


Other laundry: Vatican Bank 'investigated over money-laundering'



Who is really going to pay for this "sale" of hardware? US, the taxpayers?

Charles I

my mistake re tanker request, it was this

CTuttle said in reply to VietnamVet...

I'll betcha Netanyahoo asked specifically for the new and improved MOPs not the piddling GBU-28/37's...! Also the advanced KC-46's...! Wtf, over...?

They have KC-7077's acoording to this:

"Scott Johnson, an analyst at the defense consulting firm IHS Jane’s and the leader of a team preparing an online seminar on Israeli strike possibilities on Iran, said that Israel had eight KC-707 American-made tankers, although it is not clear they are all in operation. It is possible, he said, that Israel has reconfigured existing planes into tankers to use in a strike."


They are making their own with Gulfstream too:

"IAI and Gulfstream study tanker version of G550 By Arie Egozi Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Gulfstream are developing an air-to-air refuelling concept based on the G550 business jet.

The idea is to offer a small, agile tanker that would improve the flexibility of aerial refuelling operations. According to IAI, the G550 would be able to carry 25,000kg (55,000lb) of fuel.

If needed, full-size tankers would be able to refuel a G550 tanker to extend its mission. IAI says it is studying the concept in response to requests from potential customers. The company is expanding its tanker business and is working on the design of a Boeing 767 tanker that an IAI source says "will be a multi-mission platform with very advanced systems". These will include a fly-by-wire boom.

The Israeli air force, which now uses Lockheed Martin C-130 and 707 tankers, is studying the 767 concept. The service has asked IAI to develop a system that will enable the air-to-air refuelling of unmanned air vehicles."


Charles I

ok I stand recorrected, they want tankers too, the old ones too big and unstealthy, I suppose, but best is they can blow them uip and still have their own.


I guess that Bibi, et al, will get all kinds of promises from now until November 6. How many will be kept remains to be seen. There is a carrot and stick approach to this and the IRS does carry a big stick. Regardless, Mr. Obama has now multiple avenues for speed adjustments.


Colonel... You might me right, but that spider sense of mine is tingling. While the GBU-28 is not our most advanced bunker buster it can do a hell of a lot of damage and along with the refueling AC, it does and can make an Israeli attack much more probable... Let not forget that Israel has the technical know how to modify weapons like the GBU-28...

Why would we even go this route?


Beaver...one could only hope that a Haaretz journo was being manipulated.. The danger here is if the Iranians take this report seriously then we cannot dismiss a preemptive strike by Iran either.

lastly..Dennis Ross.... If Dennis is not careful he will trip over those marionette string that hold him up...

William R. Cumming

Who controls Iraqi airspace?

The beaver


The latest from Haaretz Editorial:

Without knowing whether secret understandings were reached, the visit can only be defined as a failure. Netanyahu sought to lay the groundwork for a military operation against Iran; preferably an American operation, but alternatively an Israeli one. From that perspective, he returns from Washington empty-handed, and his government's policy (which does not necessarily conform to Israeli interests ) is in worse shape than when he left.

Roy G.

They should demand to the Israeli govt that Mordechai Vanunu be remanded to testify.


@Beaver and Colonel Lang! Looks like you were right Colonel... So was all this dire and critical calls for direct action against Iran in the spring all bullshit?

"US offered Israel advanced weaponry in exchange for delaying Iran attack: report"

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/attack_offered_israel_advanced_weaponry_vJzadL8Qw5XoQ7akSRO9yK#ixzz1oclU7NtB

"Under the proposed deal, Israel would not attack Iran until 2013, after US elections in November this year. The newspaper cited unnamed Western diplomatic and intelligence sources."

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