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10 March 2012


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Charles I

Thanks Basilisk. Thank heavens for Headquarters.

The Twisted Genius

For crying out loud Basilisk! Here I am dreaming about going out to sea in a 4 by 8 boat and you have malevolent, man eating (or at least dog and child eating) giant squid chasing us in white Econoliners. Now I wonder if Bruce Schneier may be a fellow traveller with Friday squid blogging. Good story... even though it's discomforting.


Hilarious. I had my Sci-fi fun today in Detroit at the Democratic Party Convention. Can't believe I gave away my hockey tickets, either; good seats too. At least I made somebody happy. As for headquarters, well, some things never change.


Now you wonder 'why the .45? 'cause there's no .46, that's why. In a 4x6' boot I think you need the stainless steel Benelli with slugs, big, bad slugs. :-)


What a terrific story.

...much enjoyed.


Good thing we turn the clocks ahead tonight as that will be one less hour I will have to worry about Man Eating Squid tonight. Great story, keep them coming...

steve g

Great story. Humboldt squids on steroids?
Looks like a case for the next Men in Black caper.
How many tentacles does it take to shift a van?



I think squid are grand. All of them including the ones for eating, (good grilled), the big archiwhatsis of this story or the even bigger Colossal Squid. The most filmed ones are the Humboldt in the Sea of Cortez wher ethe figherfolk call them "El Diablo Rojo." pl


Basilisk: "Now you wonder 'why the .45? 'cause there's no .46, that's why."

Are you sure you're not a Texan?

We can make you an Honorary One.


I've done my time in the great state of Texas. I'd consider that honorary membership a boon.

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