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23 March 2012


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Hmmm. Looks like I owe you $9. Guess memories of reading the books at 14 should stay just a teenage fantasy/memory. But maybe some good came of it: "Will anybody trust this guy Stanton with a film budget ever again?"

Then again Kevin Costner did make some other movie after Waterworld, didn't he? Hollywood. Wonder if I could get a job there spending other peoples money with no accountability, kind of like Wall Street with better weather....?

Pirate Laddie

Actually, I think the poor showing's more the result of bad pregame publicity. Disney's folks agonized over "John Carter" and "John Carter of Mars." They finally plumped for the simpler of the two, on the assumption that chicks wouldn't go for anything so evidently sci-fi. If it had been sold as a sex & sword saga -- "John Carter and the Princess of Mars," I think the turn-out woulda been much more impressive.
Like the currently 'evolving' US military, the film, taken on its own terms, really isn't all that bad. Well worth a bargin matinee, especially on a hot or rainy day.

Medicine Man

Parts of this review felt like Alan Farrell was channeling Lewis Carroll due to the "Martian" lingo. Hilarious.

I don't have much to add (won't stop me from commenting naturally). I had heard through the grapevine that the female lead in this flick turned in a better performance than the male lead (a bit of a problem that) and that the director perhaps took the concept a bit too seriously (should be old school adventure flick consumed with a grain of salt).

I will probably take Mr. Farrel's advice and wait for it to emerge on Netflix.

Incidentally, if you want to see Ciaran Hinds in something where he isn't the villain, Mr. Farrel, I would recommend HBO's Rome. He plays a pretty good Julius Caesar in that.

Mark Logan

These reviews always make we want to see the movie. I don't care how bad it is, I want to be sure I get the best out of the review..

The test:

Who has ever made a pot like the one in the middle of that picture? Was the artist trying to use sex subliminally to sell his "art"??



But how do we pronounce...


also, while we're at it...


handy terms. mortifying to say them wrong.



He isn't altogether nekkid, at least, not yet. pl


PL, that was mark logan.

did not enlarge the image. best avoid flashback to trauma looking at a certain vahse in the Boston MFA.



I fear for poor Carter in this scene.
Bone bruises seem likely. Ah, the MFA, SWMBO attended college in Boston and I was dragged around there a lot long ago. pl

David J.

Frank Frazetta was a master artist and illustrator.



Ugh. Should have taken Alan's advice. Leave it to Disney to ruin 3 books with one movie. Though Princess "Dejah Vue", best part of the movie.


This just sounds like a cheap ripoff of"Mars Needs Women."


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