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12 March 2012


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William R. Cumming

A fascinating and largely accurate post IMO! The Letelier killing in Washington DC has been explored in depth including CIA involvement or lack thereof.

So I guess the solution is to kick out all Iranians and all Israelis if a nation-state does not want to condone acts of murder?

And perhaps of interest is AG Holders defense of killing American citizens abroad based on secret evidence and secret chain of command?

Maybe the world was simpler when we impeached a President for his semen stains on a lady's dress!


Gareth Porter, who's no slouch, thinks the Delhi bombing was an Israeli false flag.



"As Terrorist/Intelligence Correspondent for UPI, I wrote a story in January 2003 about how the Bush administration had given permission to Israel to assassinate on U.S. soil."

And people gripe about Obama stretching our Constitution?

Well, yeah, he is, & it pisses me off too, but granting a foreign power "permission to assasinate"? Gaaaaaaaaa

Roy G.

Here's a small ray of sanity:

Speaking Fees from MEK Come Under Govt Scrutiny

We are really seeing how the Business of Terrorism really works, and who is for hire. There is really no mystery why Israel has so many 'friends' in the US govt as well as MEK - they''re the ones writing the checks.

Roy G.

Ps. Glenn Greenwald hits it out of the park on this topic:



Mr. Sale,

Sir, I appreciate your fine writing, not only due to its (accurate) historic & literary value but the fact that you've had such varied personal experiences with some of the characters in your articles marks up the price of it all.

Priceless, in a word.


Another interesting contribution from Glenn Greenwald :

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