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22 March 2012


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Another sickening revelation. We absolutely should NOT support any Bibi instigated preemptive attack.


The hypocrisy of the Likud is breath taking.
If my family had been run out of our East Texas home into South Louisiana and I had no job , and was stuck in ankle deep sewage in a refugee camp - I too might very well be ready to listen to some radical clergyman promising to get my home back .

Warren Jason Street

The Israelis aren't going to use these. They're going to sell them or trade them. We are suckers.


The more I read about how BHO tries to kiss Israeli's butt, the more I am disgusted by him. What a disgrace and disappointment.



It's not just Obama, it's our entire political establishment to date. Let's hope it comes to a swift stop and we begin to gather some common sense to march forth with.

steve g

This article is a natural rebuttal to
a piece by Aaron David Miller at the
FP online edition, dont have link,
entitled "Israeli occupied territory
and five other lies on how Jerusalem
runs Washington." As was noted in comments
its Tel Aviv not Jerusalem, already.
He was one of Israels "Lawyers" during
the Clinton Admin and present at the
Camp David negogiations. Naturally,
the was no influence by him or the
other Firsters, just a President
making the best possible choices.
This them runs through all his points.
I'll have some of that kool-aid he
is drinking. Preferably grape.


Sorry but DoJ is too busy with the Zimmerman investigation go go after such silliness.... (sic)!!!

William R. Cumming

Once again more proof that intentionally or unintentionally because of sloppy surety and safeguards the USA has been historically, is currently, and will be in the immediate future the leading proliferator of nuclear weapons technology on the planet earth.

The President's since WWII have largely been amateurs when it came to nuclear weapons surety and safeguards, proliferation possibilities, and doctrine.

Renunciation of "First Use" would clearly have long ago been a step forward in diminishing worldwide the threat of nuclear weapons. Again these weapons have absolutely NO MILITARY value and to pretend their employment has military value is to be deceptive in the ultimate degree.

The 800 nuclear triggers should be the basis of a thorough investigation by Congress and the Executive Branch and administration of Export Controls should be given thorough review by GAO and the Congress. What is clear is that the Executive Branch will not police sensitive technology.

How ironic that Iran long ago purchased sensitive US technology from Israel. And US policy was to create a region hegemon before 1979 in Iran.

Morocco Bama

snark on

I change my prediction based off of the the following. There will be no attack. Israel and Iran will join hands and skip through the heavenly meadow flowing with milk and honey into eternity.


snark off

America First

The point here is the total infiltration and subjugation of our defense establishment, media and elected officials to a fifth column and the country they serve to the detriment of America.

William deB. Mills

Now, is anyone still going to argue that Israel is not an enemy state or a threat to U.S. national security?

I wonder who interceded to make the FBI investigation fail?

Does anyone know how many nuclear bombs can be exploded with 800 krytons? If the answer is "800," exactly what would Israel conceivably do with 800 bombs? How many are pointed at the U.S.?

Relations with Israel should be frozen until:
1. all 800 nuclear triggers are returned;
2. the guilty spies and politicians behind them are turned over to the U.S. for trial.

America First

Israeli company has the contract to oversee the security at many of the US nuclear power plants across America. Even without bombs, they've got us cornered. Stuxnet virus was discovered in Japan nearly 6mos before Fukushima- and guess who had cameras inside the Fukushima plants that melted down on 311? Thats right, our special ally- and the source of this info is from Israeli news not some oft maligned "antisemitic nutters" or Arabs.


why give foreigners control pof any sensitive US institution? who authorised this? an israel lobby rep?


Benjamin Blumberg, a spymaster stiffed by the Israeli government and Milchan...is now talking after media exposure. From Maariv, second top-selling newspaper in Israel:


And in machine-translated English.


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