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11 March 2012


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attack on Iran

Great post. I am all in favor of a strong and democratic Israel with security and a clear right to exist. But does Capital Hill really have to be Israeli occupied territory!


This makes me sick!

William R. Cumming

Entrusting FARA enforcement to DoJ was probably not a mistake but its non-enforcement by DoJ should be documented and discussed in Congressional hearings with corrective action taken.

What few realize is how deeply foreign agents registered and unregistered accomplish with their efforts including money in DC. An argument could be made that the Saudi efforts and its success with the Bush family were the most successful. AIPAC would come in second IMO. Chinese efforts should not be overlooked in the list of successful efforts also. Perhaps IRAN's biggest strategic error has been to not grease palms more of the Washington lobbyists.

Grant F. Smith

FARA was originally (under) enforced by the US State Department. In 1963 there actually were extensive hearings on the activities of foreign agents in the US conducted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Perhaps the worst violators were for Philippines war rebuilding, West German lobbying and Dominican Republic and Nicaragua payola. http://irmep.org/ILA/Senate/default.asp

Investigator Walter Pincus, who had his associate raid the Jewish Agency's offices and seize financial information, was appalled at how Israel was essentially writing US legislation. Since that discovery, FARA investigators are barred by attorney client privilege from conducting robust investigations. It has been watered down by the big law firms lobbying Congress.

Today, if you look at FARA registrations and overall spending, you see big firms receiving big bucks representing the Saudis and Chinese. Only Arnold & Porter shows up as a significant Israel lobbyist, suspiciously small for the amount of aid being delivered. Even so, they appear to spend most of their Israeli government funds fighting war crimes related suits on the basis of "sovereign immunity." And helping Zalman Shapiro pro bono.

But that's another story.

Today FARA is only used to pick off disenfranchised entities for political reasons.



Grant S.

When I have an appropriate question on the NJ blog I will insert a link to this on SST. pl


LOL, holder? seriously? thats one of the most corrupt people to ever walk the earth.

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