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09 March 2012


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Morocco Bama

******The veracity of a news story isn't always dependant on the website it is pasted on, and making it so is sometimes plain old misdirection.*******

Exactly, so why use Prison Planet as your source, considering that. If one considers themselves a serious critic and researcher, how can they use Prison Planet as a source. That site is nonsensical garbage mixed with some truths and half truths and out and out fabrications. It is not to be trusted, and if someone links to it, I immediately suspect, in the least, their objectivity and judgement.

Roy G.

DaveGood, i'm very sorry for your friend. Unless he worked in a specific job position, such as an airline pilot, this kind of testing is a relic of previous authoritarian control / profit scams. Notice how legislators in Florida backpedaled at 100mph when they proposed to test all welfare recipients for drugs and Carl Hiassen upped the ante and proposed that the legislators be tested too, since they are also the recipients of public money.


It would be nice if the Overton Window did shift to the left...! Bibi Prefers Missiles on Tel Aviv to Nukes in Iran...


Seems the strategy for all these despots is now to hold out at all costs until the real truth emerges.


The veracity of a news story isn't always dependant on the website it is pasted on, and making it so is sometimes plain old misdirection.

All one needs is a finely-tuned BS meter...! ;-)



"balanced and sincere?" My God, that's as bad a slander as the insults hurled at the Roman detective Aurelio Zen. His bosses all talk about his regrettable reputation for honesty. pl


@MB: "Unlike you, FB Ali,...blah blah blah"

indigatio praecox, MB

browse thru this -


and try not to step in it when mounting the high horse.


"Rob Malley, you know people continue to die while the world figures out its next move."

Really? Literally millions of lives are at risk while we decide whether or not we'll continue to support Official Development Assistance (ODA) at levels that are around three-tenths of one percent of the federal budget.

ODA buys national security. Whether we like it or not, the work of the "do-gooders" goes a long way towards making us safer.

Perhaps it's time to assess the cost-effectiveness of investments in ODA - in terms of national security bang-for-the-buck - versus investments in invasion-and-long-term-occupation & "nation-building?"


Zounds, PL. By way of wrong footing it, I am sure I just overstepped in a big way. HUGE APOLOGY FOR THAT. Self-indulging my own scrappiness.

Morocco Bama


The beauty of linguistics. That's why I couched it as "much more balanced and sincere." "Much more" being the operative phrase. It's a sliding scale, and yes, I was purposely over the top in the hyperbole, but the sentiment remains.

William R. Cumming

PL! Aurelio Zen was terrific and sorry it ended. Perhaps a series to close to home for the Italians.



It was a British production. pl


i was'nt sure where to comment so chose the last syria-specific thread.
there are reports that the Russians have sent 'advisors' to assist the al-assad regime. the parallels with libya and NATO's intervention there are, to me, very strong. will be interesting to see how the quartet respond.
how do you feel about that, if indeed the reports are accurate ?

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