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21 March 2012


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Charles I

Thank you for your pronunciation guide, it really adds to the . . . the. . .verisimilitude of theeater. Shall have to watch Beowulf.


Feral One. It is good to read your movie reviews once again. Been out of circulation for 3 years (computerwise, not incarcerated). Keep writing and I'll keep reading as long as my eyesight holds out.



1. See it and enjoy it as 'camp?'

2. Avoid at all costs/

3. See it and enjoy the Shakespeare lines?

Not sure what the recommendation is

Ends its run here on the prairie this week.

FB Ali

I enjoyed the review (probably more than I would the film)!

Dr Brenner, FWIW, that's what I understood from it.


"Vanessa Redgrave...(Who left the phonebook out in the rain? ...her looks--desiccated, pinched, bitter now..."

Well, she's 75 after all.

Liberally paraphrasing Tina Fey, perhaps a woman is considered "desiccated and pinched" when no one wants to f&*k her anymore?

Medicine Man

I remember Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew ending fairly happily.


MM - both plays end in marriage.


Just watched Julie Taymor's The Tempest this evening. Helen Mirren as Prospera was as good as Anthony Hopkins in Titus.
I'll be waiting for this Coriolanus version to be released onto Netflix.


Macbeth ended happily. His marital problems were solved and Malcom invited everyone still alive to Starbucks to buy them Scones.


re vanessa redgrave. not to mention that she lost her sister and one of her daughters within the past couple of years.


WRT Volumnia.

Redgrave is good at irksome. She and Joanne Woodward have the gift of seeming to have been miscast no matter what role they play. Exception to this is Redgrave's suffragette in The Bostonians. Have been trying to imagine how she does Patrician Roman matron - can see her as Mrs. Bates, in Norman: the early years (a prequel), but not the old lioness needed for Marcius to make sense. Irksome alone won't do it.


for the heck of it, checked The Google. My imaginary prequel, made up years ago, turns out to have been done by someone. Curses! should have copyrighted the damn thing.


Ah, more betrayal from the bard. Well framed between two posts concerning our "best ally blah de da". Something subliminal? (surely appropriate, though) How about a review of the new John Carter movie? I am reasonably sure no crevasse seeking spandex in that one either, though plenty of tusks, Tharks and computerized combat.

Medicine Man

Not unhappy marriages as I recall.


... in the fullness of time, MM

Never mind the ineluctable onset of sameold-sameold.

Petruccio is from Verona. What if he and Kate beget a son named Tybalt. Beatrice & Benedick could be shipwrecked off Illyria on their off-season discounted wedding trip.

Anything can happen in Ludoland.


I just finished watching "Andrei Rublev" by Tarkovsky and find it hard to consider the sludge coming out of Hollywood art. John Carter, no,no,no, I'd rather see Kathy Bates naked again. Speaking of the Bates family, one of the worst movies I ever walked out of was Gus Van Sant's frame-by-frame reproduction of Psycho. It was a boring art school project.

Medicine Man

Gah, such a cynic.

Nevertheless, things were ducky when the curtain dropped. I suppose if you want to extend the timescale far enough into the future everyone dies in a Shakespeare play. Viola, unhappy ending.

Gatun Lake

Terrific play. Depending on interpretation can be seen through the eyes of Martius or plebians or senators, conveying very different statements about our world. Hence the ban in post WWII Germany of this play along with others that might have been used to spur civil unrest.(Glorification of Dictatorship)etc. Plays like gangbusters in the theatre. Disturbing stuff, politics, war, hunger, and a hero with mommy issues.
John Carter's shaping up to be Hollywood's biggest bomb in a long time. Hope that's not indicative of things concerning "our best ally blah de da".


Well--offhand I'd say Redgrave was a lovely and affecting Andromache in "The Trojan Women" and perfectly cast as Hellman's fictional Julia, to name two other roles. She would have been a great Isadora if she could dance and I also liked her as Joe Orton's slinky agent in "Prick Up Your Ears." I quite agree about Volumnia but I also think lioness is within Redgrave's range, maybe she just didn't manage it this time. I'm sure she could say things like “Anger’s my meat; I sup upon myself / And so shall starve with feeding” and give them some punch. Unless those lines didn't make the cut in this version.


Kathy Bates.... wow, that bad? Looks like I saved $9 and a couple of hours.


We enjoyed the modern dress version of Coriolanus last season in Ashland, Oregon. Thoroughly professional, OSF does a great job with everything - even Animal Crackers this year!
Here is a blurb from them http://www.osfashland.org/browse/production.aspx?prod=93
"The play deals with politics and social structure, mob mentality and personal pride, the differences between the qualities that make a person a successful soldier and those that make him a successful politician. The play’s look at leadership and political machinations will be especially relevant and accessible during a presidential election year."


I managed to catch "Anonymous" during the fleeting few days it played my multiplex. Structurally and historically it's a mess and I didn't like Redgrave's dithering not-so-Virgin Queen but it wasn't nearly as bad as most of the reviewers made out.


Decided in order to feel free to make fun of finicky foodies and conspicuously discriminating oenies, must abstain from acting quibbles, so ... no comment.

except to say only dimly remember Trojan Women which seemed the least successful of the Cacoyannis-does-Euripides series. Have been meaning to see it again since it came out on DVD. Would be hard to miss with Andromache, tho, wouldn't it? She is affecting no matter who plays/played her - except.. maybe..(hypothetically) Jane Fonda.

oh no, oh no. must. stop.

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