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20 March 2012


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maybe the iraqi's are still using the discredited ADE651 'bomb detector' at the checkpoints ? a complete an utter fraud that cost US taxpayers $85M.

Morocco Bama

No comment. pl

That's priceless, PL. My sentiments, exactly. Sometimes the facts themselves say everything. Any commentary beyond it just muddies the crystal clear waters.

William R. Cumming

Could it be successfully argued that the ISLAMIC world at least in MENA has turned inward on itself and no longer tries to export its violence elsewhere?


How do you say "Game of Thrones" in Arabic?


Is this really al Queda or mainly the disenfranchised Sunni?



It was never "really" Al Qaeda. Religious whackos are/were supported by Sunni groups seeking protection from the new order.

Australia farmland investment

As soon as western troops left, they are back to killing each other. We've spent more money on building Iraq's infrastructure than that of our own country.


Col: I guess the Gulf Arabs are now paying the "Sons of Iraq."


This is something I've been wondering myself lately. There used to be talk about how al Qaeda refocused jihadi movements on the "far enemy". I'm sure there are still folks plotting & scheming on that model, but have we seen a greater shift back to the old politics of violence recently? Or was the "global jihad" of the last 15 years just a temporary phenomena that died out with it's practitioners?



I think Sunni revivalism is on a hnudred year sine curve for upsurges and this one has pretty much run its course. pl



Perceptive. Why would they not? pl



Yup. We saw that here from the beginning. pl

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