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07 March 2012


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Why can't Army Generals get SF/Rangers good PR like this?

BTW, everyone in my party that never served in the military loved the movie...lol


Who ever wrote this should be writing for SNL!

William R. Cumming

YUP! Wait for the video! I did find it of interest that theatre was full. Election year--maybe National Security not national economy will be of major interest. Perhaps not--since as this movie points out leave it to the professionals to get hurt. Not good for a democracy in my judgement. We all have a stake in their (the Professionals) victories and/or defeats.

Anyone no of open source best documentation of victories and/or defeats since August 1945? Year and month of VJ-DAY!

Charles I

I see.

Not to quibble over technical accuracy, but shouldn't that be barbarous narco-atomo-barbo-CERAMO-islamos?



I think it is a big mistake yo use active duty military for advertising. The Navy is nuts to have done this. "Tarnish on the blade." pl

Medicine Man

I haven't seen this flick yet. I've read a few reviews now and I'll confess that I wondered at one point WWAFT (What would Alan Farrell think)? Question answered. Yeah, I think I'll wait until I can snag this one on Netflix. No offense to the SEALs but acting should be left to the professional fakers not professional doers.

Hey Mr. Farrell: Have you seen the film Doomsday yet? Fairly B-rate film, sorta Escape From New York meets 28-Days Later meets the Road Warrior. If you have beer and pretzels that need consuming the movie could be of service.

Paul Escobar

They should have made the Mexican thing the main focus of the movie. With all the hype about Zetas being special forces themselves (possibly recepients of American training during their more legit days)...it would have been a cooler showdown.

By now, everyone has the sense that the Islamic dudes are more about long-term attrition than short-term precision (which is what the Seals are supposed to be about). So capping one of their guys, even if it's Bin Ladin...it just feels so unsatisfying because you know the war ain't over.

Off-topic, I think someone brought up "real people" being unable to act. My dad used to show me these old Italian movies where they used "normal" people as the stars. One thing I quickly noticed was that the "normal folk" really excelled in the religious movies. My sense is that because these people genuinely believed (like God will be mad if I don't "bring it" believe...) it gave them license to express intensity & emotions they'd normally mask in everyday life.


You mean ammo doesn't arrive like manna from heaven when you pray into a radio? (Not sure about resupply of the narco-islamo-atomo-barbo-terrorists, maybe there was a secret Walmart nearby?)


My fellow hockey players thought it was a great movie but then....
Cannot wait to read his review of John Carter



This movie is an insult to SF soldiers (and SEALS). Watch "Tears of the Sun." pl

Robert C.

Haven't seen it...I'll probably rub a lot of people the wrong way, but it seems a little jingoistic. Could a movie like "Two Days of the Condor" be made today?



I haven't seen any of the last few movies Alan has reviewed, and I won't because there's no way they will be as entertaining as his reviews.

Who funded this movie? Was it the military?

Charles I

A little Bruce in the jungle? Sold.

Morocco Bama

They don't make em like they used to, that's for sure. IMO, some of the best war films came out of the early to mid 70's era when directors were given a long artistic leash. One of my favorites, The Deerhunter, comes to mind. It still gets me after all these years. The story behind that movie is quite interesting. Much of what happened in that movie was serendipitous and improvisational. The actors and the director took not only artistic risks, but quite literally, physical risks.....and it made all the difference. The funding behind it was also somewhat mysterious. It was funded through some obscure European outfit named EMI Films. Chimino was somewhat of a freak then, and he certainly is now. This was by far his best work, although despite the bad press, Heaven's Gate was actually a decent movie.


Brother Farrell,
Roselyn Sanchez is a real person, late of 88 episodes of "Gone Without a Trace" as FBI hottie, Elena Delgado. She can act, but that P.R. accent would give away her a cover as a Mexican physician to even a deaf terrorist. That and the adoption of "bandito brothers" makes me think those directors must have had a rough time with the pachucos in their high school. It's "bandido," gringos chingados.

I just figured all that ammo was being delivered by one of those "invisible helicopters."

I noted that the M-4's seem to be the kind chambered for 6.8 SPC, nice and authoritative (and heavier to carry in fusillade quantities).

I liked Senior Master Chief's sudden appearance in blazer and tie for the interrogation of "Crisco," if you're gonna beat the shit out of a suspect it's always better to lay it off on our brethren of the Christians in Action, nest-ce pas?

Charles I

We watched it last night. It was almost completely un-hackneyed. A well paced, well done film that speaks for itself without preachiness. Barely manages to exploit Monica Belluci's cleavage, and only for a few seconds at that. I only had to squelch my disbelief a couple times, first when eltee Waters managed to turn the choppers around from the back seat. . .

I shudder to think of the character development amongst the effects and explosions in Act Of Valor

"Drop everything that don't go boom" No wonder they speak of Bronze Bruce at VMI.

Charles I

Its not that jingoistic at all, indeed, humanistic. Bruce is stoic, professional, human, doesn't crack any jokes, it is a good movie.


Come to VMI, he's like this in every French lecture. Not an ounce of sanity in the man, but he's a comedic genius. Also the smartest man I've ever met.

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