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06 March 2012


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The Pagan

Congratulations and please keep up the good work. I am a late comer but check in every day now. An old dog (me) really can learn new tricks. :-)

Nancy K

Congratulations. SST is the #1 site I go to for accurate information on world events. My husband and I thank you for all that you are doing to educate your readers to what is really happening.

Charles I

Congratulations Pat.

As a lurker/babbler since 2005, with whom you you rashly corresponded upon my very first comment, instilling a certain affect that you have patiently tolerated as you nurtured the expansion of my mind, never mind my puny plethora of gods, I bless you.

I thank you. Even getting getting tossed out a couple/few times turned out for the best. I'll claim no credit for keeping you at it, but I beg you to do so.

I salute you.

Sadly, though I've no wish to advertise or take over, yesterday's trip to the doctor indicated that I am nonetheless a larger entity - who cherishes you.


Congratulations Pat,

SST is one of the few sources of common sense in today's senseless society.
I'm attaching my two cents worth of meanderings for anyone interested -
Chinese martial arts and Pol-Mil thoughts.





All. Stan is a classmate (brother rat) from VMI. pl


You & SST have some problematic characteristics; subject matter expertise, appeal to rigorous scholarship, intellectual integrity (inc openess), independence of mind, and insistence on good manners.

These can be a real problem for "larger entitites" in media, for whom the inverse is a more typical biz model.

Thanks, congrats, enjoy & keep up the fine work.

Charles I

Thanks Stanley, we need all the help we can get outside the MSM understanding anyone!



March 22,2003 PBS Newshour; " I'm an intelligence guy formally. My function is to draw attention to anomalies."

You draw very well.

Thank you

Brad Ruble

We often have trouble comprehending large numbers. My oldest son and I were down by the river one very cold December morning waiting for the ducks to start flying. As 10 year old boys are apt to do, he started asking me questions about how all of these things could be here. The high bluffs across the river, the peaks in the distance...what it came down to was large numbers that are hard to visualize. So we looked at the river and started figuring. If the river eroded the bank one inch a year for a million years the river would move 15.7miles. Here to town and back. We could understand that. What this all means is that a million is a hell of a lot. Best wishes for the next 110.47979... miles.

Farmer Don

Hearing the thoughts of a coherent knowledgeable person in any field is a real treat.
You are my man in the Middle East.
Congratulations Col Lang!

steve g

Congratulations!! May we enjoy
7 million more.

Bobby Murray

Congratulations, sir!



And here I thought I was reading some little known niche blog. I am surprised, and glad to know so many people enjoy your site.

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