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06 March 2012


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Jeff Stein

Wow, Pat, I feel so . . . inadequate. Kudos.


I was one of your earliest lurkers. I started following you because I used to see you on the News Hour. I remember one of your earliest postings. It was a couple of pictures of Dubai, I think, which showed a before and a now picture.

Keep at it!!


Congratulations, Colonel. I personally can claim about 623,321 of those page views.


Jeff Stein

Thanks. Good to hear from a brother fron the 525th MI Group. pat

FB Ali

Congratulations! It's good to know that there are so many discerning people out there!


Congrats Colonel, i hope you draw more and more viewers to your site, you offer some interesting perspectives on so much.

"God DAMN you, don't cheer me! If you love your country, come up to the front! God DAMN you, don't cheer me! There's lots of fight in you men yet! Come up, God damn you! Come up!"


In honor of the day, here is great picture of Robert E. Lee and his son William circa 1845. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Robert_E_Lee_1845.jpg


Good job. You're important part of my continueing education.


Class always tells. Congratulations to our host and to his correspondents for bringing readers one of the most consistently informative sites on the Internet!


Colonel, I am not proud to be ethnic "this" or ethnic "that", but I am proud and happy to follow your blog almost from the beginning and that I was one who dissuaded you Sir from quitting several years ago.

Mike Martin, Yorktown VA

Congratulations, Pat! Well done and thanks keeping a cyber place where we can have a decent exchange of views.

The Moar You Know

Congrats. Every one of them well-earned.

The Twisted Genius

Congratulations Pat. You've created and nurtured a stimulating community at SST. I know I have learned, laughed and been inspired over the last few years I've been coming here. I trust that, within those seven million page views, more than a few movers and shakers have found cause to pause and reflect on their actions.

William R. Cumming

And time well spent IMO! Congrats!

Maureen Lang

That's wonderful news, Pat! Congratulations!

Mac N.

a BIG congratulations!


Three cheers for the colonel! Thank you for providing this valuable and fascinating committee of correspondence.

Gatun Lake

Congratulations and thank you.


Many visitors here -myself included learn a great deal here- but do not always ( or ever it seem ) have the ability to contribute donations. Would you consider selected advertisers Col Lang to support SST ?



I would. I have never figured out how to make it work. I also don't understand why some larger entity has not tried to acquire the blog with me as director. pl

r whitman

Congratulations. I am glad to be part of it.


Congratulations Col., and thank you for all your efforts.

Chris Bolan

Congratulations! It's heartening to know that so many are interested in pursuing thoughtful analysis rather than the hot-headed ill-informed rhetoric that passes for commentary in so much of the MSM.

The beaver


Congratulations and a big "Merci Monsieur Lang" for enable me to continue my education from across the border.
Hopefully some sensible souls inside the beltway and on the Potomac are included amongst those who lurk.


Chris Bolan

Thanks Chris.


Colonel Bolan was one of my students at West Point. I am happy to see his name here. pl

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