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28 February 2012


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William R. Cumming

I would argue no individual or organization establishes USA foreign policy. What is worrying is that few will go on the record openly even to recommend courses of action.


It really is the final logical consequence of preemption. We will now preempt the possibility that you will eventually attack us if you ever decide to later.


In other words, Iran is to be prevented from any form of economic development that would allow it to make elaborately transformed manufactured goods (ETMs). No car industry, no machinery manufacturing, no electronics industry - in fact no metal working apart from straightening fenders. Virtually every modern manufacturing technique and capability is "dual use".

Everything is CAD/CNC machining these days and it's all very flexible as to purpose and accuracy. I suppose Iran might try and build their own, or if it's easier to source stuff like this on the black market, or if they already have a few. - some of these and they can make virtualy anything they like.





We definitely should not initiate a preemptive attack on Iran and should not support an Israeli move to do so. The fallout from such actions will plague US into the indefinite future regardless of the questionable near term results.

Morocco Bama

Bring in the PreCogs.


Here they are:


Phil Giraldi

The answer to the question will be revealed when Obama prostrates himself at the AIPAC conference next week and then invites Netanyahu into the White House so he can be lectured on Israel's needs. I seriously doubt that the US actually has a foreign policy but insofar as it relates to the Middle East it is controlled by Israel.

The Twisted Genius

Walrus, I don't think these pompous blowhards are too keen on Iranians having access to fire or the wheel, either.



Let's wait and see what Obama does. pl


Mr Giraldi,

It goes beyond the Middle East, who do you thing pulls the strings in Russian politics.....



He would not dare.....

Buzz Meeks

I haven't had much to say here lately except to sound like a broken record about RICO. All it would take is one US attorney with sand to bring this incredible, multidimensional criminality on all levels to a screeching halt by filing RICO. Where to start filing is numbing.

Mr. Giraldi has called it,too many people have made the mistake of waiting to see what Obama will do. Neo-Neville Chamberlin on every front.

Roy G.

The US has no foreign policy, only domestic politics. The only nod to foreign policy in our political class is that the check must clear first - just ask AIPAC, MEK and their beneficiaries.

Bill H.

A policy I support. Too many people start screaming about what they think Obama is going to do. I respect your restraint to wait until he actually does it. We all wind up the same place in the end, because he virtually always does what we thought he would do, but you come off as the more rational actor in the process.


presumably economic development would 'strengthen the regime'. Apparently, the thinking is that undermining economic development through blockade and sanctions are supposed to weaken it.

Iran sanctions are beginning to hurt me, personally, since it has driven up the price for my favourite sausages:


Note that I can afford the price - I am just dismayed considering the context. I'd cheerfully pay more if I got a better sausage.

Alas ... apparently, for reasons I cannot fathom, it is eminently desirable from a foreign policy point of view to have Iranians digest less meat as a result of economic pressure, that it is desirable to ruin Iranian butchers - while inadvertently increasing sausage prices in Germany. What nonsense.

I presume that's the price I am expected to pay for FREEDOM™.


Who is Gen. McCaffrey and where does his loyally belong?http://www.salon.com/2012/02/28/gen_mccaffrey_privately_briefs_nbc_execs_on_war_with_iran/singleton/



McCaffery is a retired full general who is the son of another genreal. He makes a retirement living explaining the obvious to people with money. He has done well feeding at the trough of; NBC, the USMA, where he is some sort of professor, etc. He is loyal to the "General Officer Club," the USA and his checkbook. He has a bad reputation for indifferenc to his men, their welfare, etc. I do not know him pl


I ran across this interesting interview with Hans Blix on Iran.



Ditto Colonel! http://www.salon.com/2012/02/28/gen_mccaffrey_privately_briefs_nbc_execs_on_war_with_iran/singleton/


His retirement fund...


Infuriating article about bibi's demands of Obama administration re Iran:


The above should increase the odds for those who believe that Obama et al will prostrate themselves before the cheering throngs @ AIPAC.

Paul Escobar


My coffee that escaped my mouth thanks you for that hilarious line.


Which, of course, explains why President Obama is still negotiating with Osama?

Many people are confused by how President Obama operates because he does tend to give a lot of rope but after a certain point he draws a line.

I'm more concerned that we would get drawn into a conflict in Iran via actions in Syria than by an overt attack on Iran based on probability.



In Robert Fisk's Great War, he references McCaffery iin a footnote as the US officer assigned to Baghdad during the Iran-Iraq war to report back on be effectiveness of the chemical weapons supplied to Saddam. I'm curious if this sounds right to you - I remember it every time I see McCaffery on tv.



No. I don't remember him there. Nobody supplied the Iraqis chemical weapons. They made them themselves. pl


Col. Lang, it's becoming crystal clear what Obama's gonna do... Obama officials talk tough on Iran ahead of Netanyahu visit

Fire in the Hole...!

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