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27 February 2012


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Col. Silverman, As you note; "clearly do not really represent the much more diverse views of these issues than we are repeatedly led to believe." Do you suppose that a similar bias is reflected in Stratfor's analysis/dissemination/collection apparatchik, as evidenced by the recent emails, and, by extension, do you think it is also reflected amongst the proliferation of the Green Tags, and/or even the Blue Tags...?

Adam L. Silverman

CTuttle: Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not a colonel. I'm a civilian. As for the Stratfor stuff - honestly I can not comment yet as I haven't had a chance to see anything but two very brief news articles about their material and one had to do with some really dodgy email that Stratfor's VP sent regarding the President.


Here's the source, if you're interested...! ;-) The Global Intelligence Files...


WRT the Contract with America project. I was thinking the Global Language Project reads like "Newt's Little Brown Book." So that was really Luntz' Little Brown Book?

William R. Cumming

An amazing ost! Thanks Dr. Silverman!


Thank you for helping inform the public about this agit prop . I do not recongnize my GOP anymore . Frank Luntz is quite dangerous in his wordcraft ,


Mr Silverman
I was receiving Stratfor commentary for a little while here in Austin -and quit reading it because it too was biased agit prop .


Dr. Silverman,

Thanks for the review. Seems like linguistics within the art of perception management. Isn't this something Chomsky does (linguistics) though he's certainly not as influential politically.


This is all very disturbing. It makes my time as an Army PSYOP officer appear like innocent child's play.

The beaver

You know what is laughable about this whole mess, this e-mail:

Here they are , enquiring about S/W for data mining and analytics algorithms and they were being 'robbed" by the Anonymous group !!!


But none of this business is new, nefarious, or rocket science. Advertising and public relations (in which we are immersed) are all about justemottery, as is diplomacy - and, for that matter, common garden variety tact - not only the words used, but those avoided that often leave a great smoldering gap in an exchange.


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