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12 February 2012


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I don't agree that "Indeed, politics would not be possible except for the indifference of the majority." Even popular democratic politics. The key factors are the populace's levels of knowledge and engagement; and a measure of responsibility on the part of leaders for the Commonweal. Neither condition exists today. Think, though, of earlier periods in our history: 1930s - 40s,1850s. The latter didn't work out too well - but not for the reasons being considered.

Morocco Bama

*******The great poet Paul Valery once said that politics is the art of getting people to argue, fight and torture each other over something that they know or care about.*******

It may have once been that, but I think it has evolved, or devolved, into getting people to argue, fight and torture each other over something that they heretofore didn't care much about.

By doing so, people ignore the elephant in the room issues that unite them, and instead focus on divisive wedge issues. The promise and possibility of solidarity must be squashed at its every instance, and that is accomplished with a divide and conquer strategy. The talking heads are a most beneficial tool in maintaining the efficacy of this perpetual effort.


"but get near a political party our independence of thought is the first thing to go. We are given a platform, we are given leaders, and we are given certainty, and all of a sudden our self esteem is assessed with conforming to the whims and notions of the leaders of a group."

In other words it is Idolatry.


Most of the people I know don't discuss politics. Entertainment, yes, but many aren't aware that the recently passed NDAA gives the president the authority to declare a US citizen a terrorist and if traveling oversees, arrested and indefinitely detained. When told about this most reactions are hugh, why worry about it because I can't do anything about it or I don't believe it. Possibly my lack of debating skills determine these responses but many are indifferent to the world around them.

And of course some are interested in our countries policies. Right or left makes no difference in whether the conversation is civil or combative. But then again there is the guy who says, "I think Trump loves America." You answer, "Trump loves himself," and decide it's best to walk away.

William R. Cumming

Leaders unite whether for good or bad in the short or long term. FEW leaders available today in the USA! Is there a reason or reasons why?

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