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06 February 2012


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William R. Cumming

Both countries seem to need enemies. Perhaps otherwise these two theocracies would melt from their internal contradictions.


Mr. Sale,
Thank you for the post. Wonderful to see Hofstadter's insights on the blog.


Another BRILLIANT post by Richard Sale (and I include the raft of them over the past 18 months). Sale is a Pulitzer's Pulitzer. I doubt in Mr. Sale's lifetime he will be accorded the kudos his insight and thinking into current events deserves, and gives us, in real time--which is a result of his brilliance. Sale can report and establish historical reference in a single sentence, a rare, rare quality. Regular reporters shove 'balance' and 'these are the facts' at us. Mr. Sale ropes his readers by the neck with his words and says, 'stand here, listen, and observe the consequences of what you are seeing (which are these) because the accumulation of them over time will determine your future'. He's been doing it consistently for years, as a UPI Intelligence correspondent, and now as a columnist.

This site is lucky to have him.

Eat your Wheaties, Mr. Sale. We need you.

[What you did in the three paragraphs above is pure genius.]

I'm off to buy Hofstadter's book.


This describes perfectly the contents of fundy agitprop broadcast system. As an exercise in auditory entrail reading to answer the question "how likely are they to go into Iran?" listened to as many stations as I could on a cross country drive.

Not hopeful.

Listen for yourself.

Curious aside - some of the Jimmy Swaggart ministry spokespeople [YES! Jimmy Swaggart!!!! (boggle, boggle, boggle)] do not have southern accents. They sound more like trained actors. Wondered if this was to better appeal to the Northeast audience.

Who produces and funds these rabble rousers?


rjj ,

Is your response to what Richard Sale wrote, or something else?


It referred to The Paranoid Style as expressed in the Xian broadcasters' [literally] apocalyptic fearmongering. Loud clear takeaway message: Eiran and the Eiranians are an existential threat - not clear exactly how or to whom, but they must be stopped - at any cost, and soon.

It's worth a listen.

Off topic?


PS. I think Christian broadcasters deliver the same messages as core Media, but do so more explicitly.

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