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06 February 2012


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This unrest is about young men wanting to start families and not being able to afford to. This is a classic demographic expansion driven rebellion. Westerners have fetishized democracy and the atomized individual, free to engage in whatever lifestyle they choose. This clouds our understanding of others and ourselves.

B. D. Warbucks


A pithy and precise explanation of the evolving situation.

I am surprised, though, that the officer corps is willing to forgo the DoD/State Gravy Train. Are their defense industries and patronage networks able to withstand the coming drought?

Is there any other actor interested in replacing Uncle Sugar's largesse?

William R. Cumming

What would it take for an outside power to knock off the Egyptian military from their dictatorship? The reason I ask is that for many reasons short of an oil strike in Egypt I don't see that society changing for the next century with its past as prologue.

Many who have read my comments know that I believe an Iraq will arise this decade authoritarian and revanchist in its outlooks for those that stood by while the USA invaded or helped the Americans. Was it Egypt and Syria that once tried to become a single political unit?


Yes the United Aran Republic.




"What would it take for an outside power to knock off the Egyptian military from their dictatorship?"

It would be a huge undertaking that, given the nature of Egypt, would lead to a vast chaos. pl

FB Ali

Col Lang,

What you say about the Egyptian military is undoubtedly true of its upper echelons. I wonder, though, how far it applies to the middle and lower ranks of the officer corps. Many of them may well be affected by the current ideas and ideologies bubbling up among the people (both Islamist and liberal). It is also likely that the rank and file would share the views of the common man, and thus be sympathetic to the Islamist cause.

All this would indicate that the course that Tantawi and his fellow generals are pursuing may not be an easy one, with no assurance of success.


FB Ali

It is certainly true that the interests of those three grops are different. That is true to some extent in most armies. If the generals' clique loses control the situation will truly become revolutionary. as you can imagine that is how I would attack the problem if I had that kind of mischief in mind in Egypt. pl

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