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06 February 2012


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MB, One of my favorites too. Clint said most of what he knew about directing he learned from Sergio Leone.


And that's the best indictment there is of the Republican Party and the entire narrative they sold to the Tea Party and the rest of the disgruntled majority who are fearful, distrustful of political institutions and unsure of where the country is going. The "America is collapsing" theme is the last defense of the group that has proven itself incompetent and unfit to lead. Real reform comes when people are optimistic, not when they are fearful--congratulations to Clint Eastwood, and too bad for anyone who doesn't like the message. I've always wanted an Abarth anyway...

New Orleans

When I first saw the commercial, I thought nothing special about it. Well done, of course, and I liked it's spirit. Then I hit the road for work this week and heard on the radio about the "controversy," so I wanted to watch it again. And now I have.

Controversy? Only if you're looking really hard while playing Karl Rove's game. The irony: The script anticipates Rove with Eastwood saying, "It seems we have lost our heart at times and fallen for division, discord and blame."

Heaven help anyone who doesn't embrace the hate.

William R. Cumming

Fred! Some believe that through front and backdoor financing by the US Treasury and FED banks received from between $17 and $28 Trillion in various loans and deals. And of course with current FED low interest any bank can borrow and then buy US bonds at higher rates. A totally subsidized business IMO.

But what few in the USA understand is how much in corporate subsidies and special regulatory favors--the SEC for example really does not enforce its rules against banks--is that the amounts far exceed those funds flowing to health care, education, or infrastructure that is owned by the public generally, not just stockholders.
I call this system corporate socialism and if ethnic cleansing added would be FASCIST! Note that many of the world's first social welfare programs started in Bismarck's Germany.

Morocco Bama

Yes.....or better yet, State Capitalism, as is witnessed in China, except the U.S. is approaching it from the other side, but most assuredly, China and the U.S. are going to meet as one as far as that ideology is concerned.

This author has it pegged, IMO, and I'm not happy to report it.


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