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11 February 2012


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Iran...Israel... war...nuclear war...armageddon...war....Israel...Iran ... (sic)... Feel better Colonel!

How abut this?

Is Israel Really Iran’s Main Adversary? The West Doth Protest Too Much By Russ Baker on Feb 7, 2012


William R. Cumming

PL continues to ask who the rebels are in various conflicts in MENA? Apparently none seem to know? What is the significance of that fact? If some do know but don't want it public what is the significance of that fact?

BTW how many MORMONS are there in MENA?


Good grief. Superiors better come down on these morons hard, and fast, lest something like that festers. Scolding them for having been "historically insensitive" won't do.



That said, gute Besserung Mr. Lang.


I'm off to a friends country themed birthday party in the D, which reminded me of your prior posts about boots. Have you had an recent acquisitions?



Buy Lucchese, any grade. pl



Very few. Muslims are hostile to proselytization form outside as are Jews. Also, Muslims consider the LDS reigion to be a polytheist religion and therefore not Christian. Christianity is for the Muslims, except for the fringe, one of the three "Religions of Heaven," while they think Mormons are not Christians at all, but rather something that is related to Christiianity as the Alawis and Druze are to Islam. pl


Let the games begin... Top general killed in Damascus ambush



Picked up an interesting book on the King Philip War (1675) in New England. Haven't gotten to the war itself but the inter-play between the isolated colonies and the various native tribes leading up to it reminds me of European balance of power politics of the same period.

Mike Martin, Yorktown VA

Pat, I've been thinking for a while that maybe it's time for a serious review of every thing to do with the US Armed Forces, starting with Title 10, the 1947 National Security Act and especially Goldwater Nichols.

We spend huge amounts of money on a military establishment that seems unable to succeed in its missions.

Would appreciate your thoughts - after you feel better!



One of my Puritan ancestors was a senior officer in that war. pl


Russ - What's the title of the book on King Philips War? A lot of matches on Amazon.


There are good days and bad. Hope this Springsteen video makes it a better one.


Was his last name the same as yours? Much of the history took place nearby.



No. An English name. I will have to ask SWMBO. pl


I just highlighted some of the current events, today, and I cry "Havoc!"



The title is King Philips War by Daniel R. Mandell and I tripped over it in a local book store. So I do not know if is well regarded. It is from the Witness to History series. In reading it, being familiar with southeastern New England geography helps. I grew up outside of Boston and now live in Narragansett, RI and it is at times difficult for me. So far I have read the pre-war section of the book -- 1620-1674. The narrative skips around in time and from actor to actor (tribes,colonies and leaders) so it can be a bit difficult to follow.
Overall, I find it really interesting and I am learning something about a period I knew very little about.

William R. Cumming

Thanks PL!



William R. Cumming

With some evidence, perhaps growing, of persecution of
Christians throughout MENA, what should USA policy be on this issue and why are Christian religious leaders so silent. Some estimate 10% of Syrians are Christian and they have sided with the ASSAD
Regime. What do they know?

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