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10 February 2012


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Keep pressing them and whatch em step up their game!


One cannot make sense of the sustained exaggeration of the al Qaeda threat without probing the nation's collective psychology. That is always a risky business but necessary in this case to understand what's happened. Here are a few reference points for what would make a valuable study.

1. The American experience: sense of invulnerability, its Providential meaning and mission, post-Cold War celebration that the world was going our way largely because of US.

2. The traumatic shock due to the above plus vivid imagery, symbolism of targets. Images associated with what happens in less blessed countries

3. Fear of the unknown - who are these guys anyway? They do wear turbans, they are A-rabs, etc

4. I need a protector. And I'll pay for one with my tax dollars, a portion of my freedom, my suspended critical intelligence, my country's principles.

5. Being scared means I/we are being vigilant

6. From now I'll only be comfortable with absolute, zero threat security

5. The 'leaders' prepared to take up the offer and explot it for their own self-serving ends. No complex psychology here.


Colonel, Adam,

I wonder how his comments were received by the attendees at D.C.'s annual Special Operations, Low Intensity Conflict Planning Conference? And what were [probably] their comments of it made to their folks back home about it?


I believe Colin Powell pointed this out prior to changing tune to support the war in Iraq. Didn't he also say most of the high jackers had no idea that they were on a suicide mission?



No. Powell is a fraud in this as in most things. They knew they were headed for "martyrdom." What they did not know were the particulars of the mission until they got close to the end. Powell's statememt was just more BS propaganda. Don't denigrate the enemy. That is a big mistake. pl


Thanks PL. I lost all respect for Powell with his conduct at the UN. I wasn't entirely certain if my memory were correct about the initial comments he made in 2001. Isn't your last comment: "Don't denigrate the enemy. That is a big mistake. " something both our political and military leaders have done rather consistently for ten years?

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