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02 February 2012


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Sean McBride

Obama has permitted himself to be repeatedly humiliated by Netanyahu (particularly regarding Israeli settlements). There is not much chance that Obama is going to break this pattern. I think he has realized that if he is going to have a career after the White House, he can't afford to anger a foreign lobby which substantially controls both the Republican and Democratic Parties and the mainstream media.

Benjamin Netanyahu enjoys more power in the American politics, and especially in the US Congress, than the president of the United States. This is where we stand. The prime minister of Israel can easily push around the entire US Defense Department and national security community. Weird, eh?

This situation is probably not sustainable over the long run, and will probably trigger a spectacular backlash down the line, but for the time being Benjamin Netanyahu is Barack Obama's boss and master.


I believe that this should be done just as we learn that the Israeli are taking action... Break in and blow the entire deal as it is unfolding....


If only it were so simple, Colonel. Bear in mind, we have a weak POTUS that has yet to demonstrate any sort of noteworthy courage.



One can hope. pl


It seems we are telling the Iranians that we will not intervene as long as they do not attack Israeli population centers or do anything to disrupt shipping in the Gulf.

So how do the Iranians game this?


jr 786"
Where did you get the part about "population centers?" pl


Yes! Yes! Yes!

"An Israeli first strike on Iran has nothing to do with us" and WE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.



I would like to have been a fly on the walls of the D.C. rooms where DNI Clapper, DCI Petraeus and Mossad's head cheeze Tamir Pardo last week had their confabs regarding Iran.

What I am also interested in is the Mossad's 'Death Squad' activities that are ratcheting up worldwide. Mossad has increased their covert activities worldwide, which includes inside our U.S. if one follows the pattern of their covert ops.

Mossad IMO is without a doubt the most dangerous foreign intelligence agency to our U.S. operating on our U.S. soil.

D.C. needs to belly up the bar and put a cold-stop to all Mossad's activities on our U.S. soil, before we the U.S. regret not having not take pro-active measures against Mossad.



"Administration officials caution that Tehran shouldn’t misunderstand: The United States has a 60-year commitment to Israeli security, and if Israel’s population centers were hit, the United States could feel obligated to come to Israel’s defense."

I took it from this Ignatious article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/is-israel-preparing-to-attack-iran/2012/02/02/gIQANjfTkQ_story.html

The Twisted Genius

One can hope with all the clarity of purpose and determination that one can muster. I hope that all members of this committee of correspondence who possess any capability to push Colonel Lang's elegant course of action into the public and governmental limelight do just that. I will.


Looks to my amateur eye that Panetta has been pulling his weight.. I only know what I read in the news, but he seems to be a breath of fresh air, blowing fairly strong. Also the non overly ribboned Generals....so maybe there is some hope that sane people have The Ear.



You nailed it!

Keep in mind that this trend did not start with Obama and won't end with him. The rise of the Israel Lobby correlates with the rise of Jewish ethnic nationalism, and that correlates directly with the rise of multiculturalism in the US as a dominant political philosophy.

Multiculturalism is Neo-Bolshevism.

Multiculturalism rejects the concept of nation state, republican theory of government, and rule by majority. The fact that the US is slowly starting to look like the Soviet Union of 1920’s is no accident. The founders of the original Bolshevism are the grand parents of the modern day neo-Bolshevists. Many of the leading neocons are the grandchildren of 1920's radical Russian Jews. (Read up on it in Heilbrunn's book: They Knew They Were Right http://www.amazon.com/They-Knew-Were-Right-Neocons/dp/0385511817 )

The bad news is that this trend has yet to peak and it's been getting worst with every administration in the Whitehouse. Ever since Nixon, every administration has to yield more to the Lobby just to keep it happy.

I doubt the backlash you predict will happen anytime soon, because the underlying root cause of the problem is multiculturalism. Until this political philosophy is slowed down or fully reversed in the US, you won’t see a change in the trend.


Most of those you mention above didn't support BHO the first time around. He should take your advice, since not only is war completely unnecessary - doing so will also serve notice that as a Christian he feels it is time to end wars and start to address the poverty in this nation. Let the 'Evangelicals' leadership justify the pursuit of another unjust war rather than alleviation of poverty within our own nation.


"Republican support of war against Iran will cost them the election." Do I hope you're right!

It's time for the US to have its own foreign policy, not one foisted upon it by some micro-bully.


"The US IC still believes that the Iranians no longer have a nuclear weapons program."
The US IC couldn't find it's ass with both hands in a well-lit room.
Remember 9/11?


Obama needs to go the bully pulpit and explain the difference between US and Israeli interest, all the economic and other ramifications for the US, ---and to prevent getting sideswiped by congress like Bush I did on Israeli aid he needs to go all the way and cut the Isr-firsters off at the pass by further explaining who congress will immediately denounce his taking this "America First" position and why they will denounce it and name names and explain they represent Israel not the US.
The other speech I want to live to see is the one where the new President starts off his inagural speech with..'I want to thank all my big donors who got me elected, but sorry fellows, I'm just gonna have to renig on all those favors I promised you for the good of the country."

Unfortunately I would have to be elected President for these speeches to ever be given ..lol



Yes, the IC failed against that point target. They failed because the self serving buggers who ran the agencies then would not take the risks involved to themselves in running penetrations of AQ. They also failed in estimating the Iraqi threat because the Bush Administration intimidated them. You wish us to believe that they have not learned from that experience. I know that this is not rrue. You think Israeli intelligence does better? You wish to take their word for the truth of this and commit the US to war against Iran on that basis? pl

Mike Rush

Well done,Colonel. I wouldn't add or subtract a thing.
Our best hope to stay out of another war is President Obama, as was JFK in 1963. What happens when the president is surrounded by war-mongers?

Let us pray that Barack Obama breaks that old mold.


...and privately tell them their planes won't make it to Iran, nor will any of their subs.



"The US IC couldn't find it's ass with both hands in a well-lit room.
Remember 9/11?"

Prior to 9/11 I had an Australian researcher working in a U.S. Government facitily on our behalf. He copied me the monthly(? weekly) warnings to all American Federal employees regarding hijackings and potential attacks on Government facilities.

To put that in civilianspeak: there was enough "noise" to indicate something was going down. There was not enough to identify the channel.

Post attack there was of course any amount of "duh", "we should have known" commentary.

I could comment further, but I think Col. Lang could do it better.


multiculturalism is Neo-Bolshevism? The US is slowly starting to look like the Soviet Union of 1920? How? This is interesting. Please elaborate.

Morocco Bama

Sorry, but you'll have to explain Cheney's complete 180 on the issue. Cheney said this in '94, so if the IC is this incompetent, to the point that they couldn't even be bothered to conduct this little bit of research, then they deserve to be fired and otherwise disbanded. It's either that, or the IC is not a monolithic and homogenous entity, and some of its factions are in complicity.



Col. Lang:
Thanks for the explanation.
Israeli intelligence?
They appear (thru the media) to have almost superhuman capabilities.


Hi Pat,
faux news - Wonderful

Personally and professionally I found graywolf's comments above offensive, insulting and incorrect. If you ever feel like banning him you have my vote.


"Administration officials caution that Tehran shouldn’t misunderstand: The United States has a 60-year commitment to Israeli security, and if Israel’s population centers were hit, the United States could feel obligated to come to Israel’s defense."

Show me the defense pact! What have we gotten in return for this so-called 60 year security commitment? We should not go to Israel's defense or for that matter any countries defense, if it is the aggressor of an attack without just cause.

David Ignatius is full of his Harvard self....

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