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19 February 2012


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Farmer Don

I'm an unsophisticated outsider looking from afar.
But could it be, that just like President Lincoln, it has taken President Obama a few years to find the right Generals?


Shocking, he uses the word "prudent" and seems to understand its meaning. Responsible, adult thinking.
Now if we could only get the guys in the banking and financial community to start using such words and acting on them.

steve g

To the casual observer, he reminds
one of another General in appearance
and tenor of thought, Gen. Brent

تبلیغات در گوگل

I could understand the first part of what you were saying but I got a bit lost towards the end. This is a difficult subject to understand


Well, it finally happened - public television news finally interviewed LTC Daniel L. Davis, who I believe is providing the most significant revelation of the sad “yes sir” and “can do” misinformation on Afghanistan which has come from military “leaders” in the face of seriously negative reality. LTC Davis is likely to become a sacrifice in the bureaucratic process but I wish him good luck. To me he is a hero. It appears that GEN Dempsey represents a change for the better at the highest level and hopefully we will see a distancing from simplistic views such as “successful surges” and COIN concepts that we have experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Things are looking up.


thank you for this post, Colonel. It made my day. It's nice to have some good news.

btw, Zakaria has an excellent piece in WP you might enjoy:



If Iranian leadership is considered to be a rational actor what would that make the Israeli leadership?



Unfortunately, Margaret did not seem to treat him with much respect. pl


tablighat dar kawkal

Is that correct? Some sort of Islamist? We are no more monolithic than you are. I was rejoicing in this mercy shown us at last. pl


A rational actor with nuclear weapons?


Know a guy, top of his class at West Point, who worked at a the same duty station once where Dempsey, of whom he knew in passing, was also assigned...I can't remember what his rank was supposed to be then. While there, circumstances brought them into an opportunity to have a long chat... apparently one of those hurry up and wait situations. He was so impressed that he's always remembered that conversation. He's out of the Army now, but he's totally relieved that Dempsey was appointed.

Neil Richardson

Dear Col. Lang:

IMHO Obama wanted LTG Cartwright as his first choice. It would've been a tough confirmation fight due to his position during the Afghan surge policy deliberation. When the charges of sexual misconduct arose that probably doomed his candidacy. I think both generals would've served the republic well.


If America is lucky a new narrative has started and maybe americans including the raptor wing of the republican party can be walked of the ledge cause as things stood the only thing that seemed likely to deter their raptor-like actions would be a straight jacket.

Education is an amazing thing and the american press is in charge.


Only caught a part of the interview but he seems very impressive. Perhaps there is hope....


This was Dempsey's talk last year a month after he was made Army Chief of Staff. Enjoyble to listen to for his cast of mind, although there's a lot of shop talk. Does that mean the unsufferable Rumsfeld-Military-Strategist Thomas Barnett is FINALLY GONE...ohh please, Lord.

Neil Richardson

Perhaps times are changing...



Col Lang
I always try to catch GPS on Sundays - I generally learn something. Now that General Dempsey is CJCS does that mean we are lot less likely to go after the Persian Big Adventure ? Every thing I have read about Gen Dempsey seems to indicate that the he can & will stand up to the neo cons and the Likud , Was it not Gen Dempsey that went to see BiBi and shortly thereafter the joint military IDF exercise in the Eastern Med was cancelled ?



yes. it was. pl



Well, he is in charge of "the shop." pl



Yes. Either would have been a blessing. pl


Col. Lang, do you think there are enough like minded of high rank left to help Dempsey turn the thing around? The Bush/Rummy years took a toll. I think of others of good intentions. Fallon comes to mind. I have always felt that the full truth of his "Not on my watch" statement will never be fully told or appreciated. And Gen. Byrnes, I always thought the official story was total BS.

I sincerely hope that Dempsey receives the help he will need. What a breath of fresh air.


And he's got a good singing voice too.....but I'll hold my judgment till the year is up.


Col Lang is it more likely or less likely we will go to war with Iran now ? It seems to me the atmospherics at least for now-are such that we are no longer on the glide path to war with the Persians. One hope I hold is that even the sheeple are begining to see AIPAC & the rest of the Likudniks as not having our best interest at heart.
The tragic lessons from the pain and suffering still ongoing from "George and Dicks excellent adventure in Mespotamia" might actually have caused the sheeple pause in believing this next "slam dunk " in the ME.


Neil; Cartwright was a General. . .more over according to a story in the Washington Post he may have had some personnel issues that could have been messy.

Neil Richardson

You're right. I had a brain cramp confusing his rank with Douglas Lute's.

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