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17 February 2012


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"Nevertheless, they think they can wage successful war against Iran."

actually, Colonel, I don't think they think that. I read the Israeli press regularly -- how else would I find out what is going on? for sure I'm not going to find out by reading the US press -- and it seems to me that the Israelis do know they cannot wage successful war against Iran. That's where the US comes in, doncha' know...



I have writte about this soofte ntat I tend to write in "shorthand," leaving out "steps." They know they can't do it alone and that they need to draw us into fighting the war for them. To do this, they "sham" the irrational Zionists in the hope of persuading us that the only way to keep them from going it alone is for us to do it. pl


Col: on a related note, you recall that I sent that video of the IDF training US Marines in urban warfare? Beyond the embarrassment of the Marines admitting that they don't train their own personnel for this key mission, did the Marines ever consider consulting the Army? I think a great many soldiers are qualified to teach this tactic to other members of our Armed Forces.

BTW, most Americans are ignorant of two galling facts about Israel: (1) the Haganah (and other pre-IDF elements) were larger and better armed in 1948 than the "seven Arab armies" they faced; and (2) the 1967 war started with an Israeli sneak attack on Egypt.

Dan Gackle


I seem to recall your mentioning Jordan's military with respect on this site once before as well. I remember being surprised to learn that the Jordanians were (or had been) of significance in this area. Are they still?


Dan Gackle

Their forces are too small to have much effect any longer. Man for man they are better than the Israelis or any of the Arabs. We have been careful to maintain that "balance." pl



The marines see themselves as a rival "army." pl


Normally they just go ahead and do what they perceive needs to be done. The fact that they keep talking about an Iranian strike has lead everybody in Iran to believe that they are the real paper tiger in the region.


If the Zionist drag into an unwanted war with Iran, it needs to be perfectly clear who is at fault.

We'll certainly see a massive campaign by the US media to exonerate Israel and hide the smoking guns...


that's why I was happy to hear that you think Gen. Dempsey's message is having the desired effect.

I still would like to see the American President step up to the plate. But maybe it's asking too much for someone to stand up and call out his blackmailer. None of us know what we would do in the same position. The last US president to thwart the Israelis might have been JFK.


For JohnH

"We'll certainly see a massive campaign by the US media to exonerate Israel and hide the smoking guns...

John, take a look around and listen......we don't have to wait for it...........it's already happening.


Colonel -

I guess times change. In my day in the Marines I remember how proud some Of my infantry officer friends were of having gone through Ranger school. I also rember at least at the lieutenant level that having army parachute wings was something of interest to my taggressive infantry friends.

I recall that any specialized training form any service was highly valued.



I grieve for those lost times. pl


I'd like to see the days when the EIB is more coveted than the CIB...!

William R. Cumming

The best artillery instructor I had in Army OCS in spring and summer 1968 was a Marine Captain. Also best at teaching how to fortify a fire base against VC or North Vietnamese. Three of my OCS classmates were in firing batteries overun in RVN.



There are still some "sharing" experiences like that, but the spirit of the thing is largely gone in the USMC so far as I can see. pl


200,000 LRBMs? I'm thinking it's more like 0 LRBMs and roughly 200 MRBMs.

Bill H.

Indeed, I was laughing before I even finished reading the suggestion that the Marines seek training from the Army. It was not actually a bad idea, but... In your dreams, Matthew.


Fully agree... times should be over that we are being manilupated and fight their wars that always have been for the wrong reasons...let them do it themselves and prove they can be victorious..or loose and sease to exist...

Phil Giraldi

I'm sure Colonel Lang can recall how in the good old days at the Army intelligence school at Fort Holabird cross service instruction was the norm with school cadre coming from all branches of the service. Do you remember the sweet dear elderly woman who was the widow of a former mayor of Baltimore who taught us how to type?



I remember her. She was long suffering. Was she the same as the woman who taught us report writing for IIRs? Maybe it was the same one.

Yes the Army school had people from all the services as well as some supposed civilians. This was for a variety of skills. The USAF ran a school somewhere out west that taught imagery interpretation for all the services.

Marines still go to the Army armor, artillery and engineerschools. Nevertheless, the trend has been
toward the marine corps establishing its own schools. pl



I believe what he meant was 200,000 rockets. pl


We can improve training and save money by eliminating the Marine schools. Though that fight might be harder than Iwo Jima.



Small world! I remember the USMC Captain you are referring to, he was clearly our best instructor as well when I went through Fort Sill 1st quarter of '69.

Joseph Moroco

"Israel is a country that has never fought a first rate enemy except Jordan"

Don't know if the terms only include state armies, but they fought Hezbollah infantry a couple of times without complete satisfaction in either event.

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