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06 February 2012


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God spede Col.

Nancy K

Col Lang get well soon. my husband also has Bells Palsy brought on by shingles, it is the vertigo and hearing loss that wears on him.


Get well soon. Your voice is important.

Charles I

What all the rest said and meant, except the shooting bit.

William R. Cumming

Good luck PL! The course of that illness is widely variable. But I always liked the line from Owen Wister's "The Virginian"! He had a "crooked smile but straight teeth!"


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Pat.

steve g

I would like to join the
chorus to wish a speedy and
quick recovery.

Dan Gackle

Best wishes for a full and fast recovery.

The Moar You Know

You'll be OK. My dad had this a couple of years back, the unpleasant part lasts for a couple of weeks. You'll look at bit odd for about six months.

Hope you get over this soon. Best wishes - TMYK.

John Minnerath

It would be fun to spend a day at the range with you guys.
Just finished reloading a 1000 rounds of .357s.
Too bad it's a far piece from Wyoming, :)


Another get well soon and may the Lord God bless you.

Medicine Man

Hang in there Colonel. Best wishes.


I feel bad for my desertion, not bad enough to come back, but bad. Enjoy yourselves at the range, just remember my extra red dot is yours for the asking if you decide to trust in glass.


Best wishes and speedy recovery sir. Several of my patients have had Bells palsy attacks and I know it's no walk in the park.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
My boss didn't have luck with treatment for his Bell's Palsy until he started seeing an Asian accupuncturist three times a week for his green tea. Just the tea, no needles. Cured it pretty quickly when nothing else seemed to be working.



Hang tough sir!



Thanks. Someone else suggested that I have myself bitten by vipers. Ah, that was someone from AEI. pl


Colonel Lang,
We also wish you a speedy recovery. And, many thanks to Dr. Silverman for filling in.
Sherry and Rob


I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery!


At least their witch doctors and voodoo dolls never had any effect. Glad to see the sense of humor is intact. Wish you all the best.

At the Virginia Capes

The best to you for a speedy recovery, sir.

Bobby Murray

Here's to a speedy recovery Col. Lang.


Best wishes

Augustin L

Hope you're getting well, I wish you a speedy recovery.



I'm sorry to hear of your medical woes. I hope you recover completely, and soon.

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