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10 February 2012


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Augustin L

Regardless of the metrics, these egregious behaviors with real qualitative impact (negative) will not help us achieve our objectives in Afghanistan. After the pissing episode now this!!! Marines posing with SS nazi symbols in Afghanistan: http://news.yahoo.com/us-marines-posed-nazi-symbol-afghanistan-185101573.html



The marines need to look at what sort of "fighting spirit' they are inculcating in these young men. pl


Coincidentally, another 84-page assessment of the Afghan war effort has just been "leaked":



The marines' defense that the double lightening bolt ss stands for super snipe, or some such thing, sounds believable considering amreicans poor knowledge of history.


Fig. 15 shows a pretty good insurgent strategy and coordination.



You must be a foreigner wgo has never been to a gun show where all kind of SS tee shirts and books are sold. These guys spend their lives doing pushups and watching the "Military Channel." Are you really that "out if it." pl


Yes, not my line of interest. The persons I've known into guns reviled all things Nazi. A guy at work brought a WWII Luger to work and ammunition with a red dot on the firing pin that he said was for machine guns. Germans would load the red dotted ammo in the Luger so when a GI picked it up and shot it, the gun would explode in his hand. Is that true or BS?


This is the first that I've read of these 'metrics' since they were displayed by Obama in December 2009 as concrete evidence of how rigorously He would monitor progress in the strategy foisted upon him by Petraeus, Panetta, Gates, et al. I asumed that had been unceremoniously buried in the White House Rose Garden that very night. Now they have been miraculously resurrected by Cordesman. Now reincarnated as tools of the non-believers. Would make a great gospel.

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