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21 February 2012


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Bill H.

I have a nephew who is a Colonel in today's Army. If he disliked Dempsey he would have dodged my question about him with doubletalk and circumlocution, what with being a still serving officer. He did nothing of the sort. She spoke very highly of him both as Army COS and as Chairman. He is a very sharp young man with an outstanding record in Iraq and Afghanistan, now in CENTCOM, and I trust his judgement. I was delighted to hear his response.

Charles I

I'm a furious correspondent and my reps tell me that hard copy letters are the hardest to ignore.

Sean McBride

You know, eventually this entire social/political dynamic is going to be turned completely around. Bank on it.

How many prominent and influential Americans and Europeans have been attacked by pro-Israel activists and militants since the founding of Israel to the present day? The list is very long indeed. At some point they will stop passively enduring the abuse, take off the gloves and collectively go on the attack. Enough is enough.

Sean McBride

Note to General Dempsey: wherever you lead, sir, I would follow. You inspire respect and trust. Some of us are counting on Americans like yourself to save our nation.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

I wonder if hard-copy, paper, snail mail letters are still subject to all the post 9/11, anthrax scare screening and processing. Still, by whatever means...


I'm a retired Army LTC. I do not know GEN Dempsey, but what I'm seeing tells me he is the right man for the job. In fact, we could use individuals like him in our civilian leadership as well - leadership with the country, not necessarily politics and and definitely not one-sided foreign interests in mind. A well balanced civil-military equation (which includes a careful assessment of real plus and minus factors - not superficial beliefs and desires) is crucial to national survival. The Iraq debacle is a sad example where this equation was blatantly ignored. I wish GEN Dempsey God speed and hope our civilian leadership will join in to successfully implement the approach I have just described for the sake of our dear country.

Pirate Laddie

They don't have a very good history dealing with the empire du jour, do they? The Romans were willing to grant Jews full access to the most open and accepting market of the day, if only they'd burn a little incense to no particular deity -- to join the club, as it were. We recall how well that compromise worked out, don't we?
I doubt the attempt to build a "judeo-christian" nexus, or convince the cowards amongst us that the success of Zion is key to being "saved" in event of Rapture, will hold much longer. Given their role in the still collapsing financial meltdown of Western economies, their track record in Iraq and their lust for taking out Iran, the likelyhood of another Diaspora (in one form or another) seems to be the most likely outcome. Selah.


Hi Pat,
I called Rhode Island Senator Reed's office today to express our approval of General Dempsey. The Senator is a West
Point graduate and former small unit commander. Of course I spoke to a staffer, but he said that the Senator holds General Dempsey in high regard. He also said my comments would be passed along to the Senator AND to General Dempsey. The latter surprised and pleased me.

Carl O.

There was an interesting article in Military Review a couple of years ago on the Abu Ghraib and how that was the result of certain Army officers following the orders on "enhanced interrogation" that were issued from above (the author unfortunately danced around the fact that it came from Rumsfeld). Dempsey, who was commander of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq at the time, was noted in that article for his refusal to apply those "enhanced interrogation" techniques. Kind of reminds me of those German generals on the Eastern Front during World War II who refused to obey Hitler's commissar order.

Mark Logan

Carl O.

Thanks for mentioning that. Here's a link to the article. (pages 10 and 11 of the pdf)

Dempsey really shines.


This is just the bait I needed for my particular congress-critter. Hard to get him interested about anything military in general, but the torture issue always get's him "started".

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