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26 January 2012


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Simon W

It is times like this that I am ashamed of the way certain of my tribe are using the American political system to enhance the goals of the fanatic Israeli right wing machine. I served in the IDF in a time when I believed that there would be, in the end, peace in the ME, How naive of me. I have lived in the US for 35 years and have always thought this was indeed a great country, however I cannot understand why American politicians have succumbed to the lunacy that is now the Israeli norm. There are those on the left in Israel, such as Uri Avnery, who still have hope, although shrinking, that Israel will realize that the only way to a true peace with it's Palastinian neighbors is to extend and keep extending the olive branch. How naive I am. However for those American Jews who hold dual nationality as I do, and wield great financial power, as I do not, they need to choose in which country their loyalties lie. If it is indeed with Israel and not the USA, then they should return, and relinguish their US citizenship. How naive I am.



While Sheldon served in our U.S. Military, his current dual Israel-U.S. citizenship holding wife Miriam served 2yrs in the IDF. In her stint in the IDF she worked in the IDF's biological research department. She went to Jerusalem's Hebrew University acquiring degrees in both genetics and microbiology, with her follow on Med School education at Tel Aviv's Sackler Med School. In 1968, Israel's Ministry of Health sent her to U.S. to work with a U.S. MD in the area of substance abuse.

So Mr. Sheldon says that he regrets having served in our U.S. Army rather than the IDF? That's a kick in the pants, as he would never have acquired the wealth he has acquired in our U.S., in his little Mideast postage stamp. Why doesn't he move to Israel, and leave our U.S. politics alone?

The beaver


Another article on them


Simon W

Good to see you here. Your wife writes often. This is all very sad. Israel and the US at their best have many values in common. Unfortunately we are dealing with each other in ways that illustratethe worst of ourselves. In Israel's case we see nationalism gone mad and in the case of the US the venality and materialism that has come to rule us. pl


Col: As for Gingrich...As you know, the true test of politician wassummed up by the late Jesse Unruh, former Speaker of the California State Assembly: "If you can't eat their food, drink their booze, screw their women and then vote against them, you have no business being up here." See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_M._Unruh

My God, I love America! (Joy, not sarcasm.)


Thanks, Beaver,
I get it. Money is Free Speech, and Sheldon has a lot more to say about US elections than I do.

Will Reks

"Blessed are the peacemakers" Adelson is paying millions in hopes of bloodshed that will not make his country safer and will accelerate the worldwide condemnation of Israeli policies.



Dempsey seems to be a rather honorable sort.



Watch out for what you wish for.

The establishment is going portray Newt as the bomb throwing revolutionary; that he is. The problem is that the Oligarchs and the Establishment, with both parties assistance, are screwing Americans, left and right. 2012 is a change election that will throw the Rascals out. Ideologues are in (from Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, here, to Bibi Netanyahu and the Mullahs, over there).

To keep my civil service pension and stay alive I am going to have to vote Democratic in the fall election. This will continue George W Bush’s fiscal and military policies to the end of a second decade. I do not like it. I will like it even less when Newt wins.

William R. Cumming

Should NEWT become President he understands many of his major goals will not even attract much press interest because they no longer are capable of understanding much of how the real Washington operates. But he would be the 4th baby boomer in a row--those born between January 1, 1946 and January 1, 1964. What some might ask are his past travels and interest in foreign affairs, interests, and languages in other cultures.
One possible scenario or two might be worth asking about? First, Mexico and then Japan! What if these two countries nominally democracies were to have an economic or political collapse? What would NEWT do? Obama would print more US dollars now worth less that $.03 of the 1970 US dollar.

Morocco Bama

Maybe Romney can explain to Adelson how to Self-Deport. If not, Self-Immolation will suffice, although from the looks of Adelson's hair, he's already on fire. What do they call that color....Salmon?


What I find interesting is that the financiers now buy the politicians in the open. In the past I believe they operated more in the shadows.

While Adelson buys Newt, Foster Friess buys Santorum. Obama too is bought and paid for. Penny Pritzker, another Jewish-American, is a major backer.

"Since the spring of 2008, Pritzker has served as Barack Obama's National Finance Chair.[17] On Wednesday July 2, 2008, Ms. Pritzker and her husband hosted a $28,500 per plate fundraiser for Mr. Obama's campaign in Chicago with Warren Buffett and his wife, and Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. [18]"

Instead of voting districts, maybe we should allow these folks to buy congressional districts like they would a seat at the NYSE. Then we would have the representative from Pritzker and Koch and Adelson and Friess.

The Beaver


As a reminder, George Bush, le fiston, got a lot of money from him in 2004.


During the debate tonight, when the Palestinian Republican asked his question about Israel/Palestine, Ron Paul was not allowed to answer the question...they skipped right over him....was that on purpose? was it accident? All four candidates were allowed to answer all of the other questions that I saw....am I being too conspiratorially minded? I truly think the mainstream media does not want "alternative" views to be discussed in public

Bill H.

Very well put.


Purpose. Was it live or edited?


I noticed the same thing. Nobody says on Israel, Cuba, etc. that we've tried it one way for 50 years to no avail, let's try something else.

That would be too much to ask apparently.

Medicine Man

No, I don't think you're being too conspiratorially minded.



"How naive of me"

"I am ashamed of the way certain of my tribe are using the American political system"

"those on the left in Israel, such as Uri Avnery....still have hope"



"those who are not rich are not worth listening to"


He speaks like those élitist SONOVAB**** curs in a minuscule republic where I spent a great MANY unhappy years.

I shall grow rich & prosper in the near future so as to smite dogs such as he.

Revenge is a dish best served cold...


Standing back to look at this situation all I can say is that Democracy is basically a sham if the Newt gets in. I will likely vote for Obama because he appears to be the least of the evils. I say "least", but I also was shaken by his loud outburst of support to our "ally" Israel in his address - in other words, he is also very aware and careful in view of the fact that the Israel lobby is powerful and watching. I hate to say it, but true Democracy does not appear to exist - only money! Our "Democracy" is filled with yes men, not concerned leaders. Also, while civilians are supposed to lead our government, key military leaders have a responsibility to say "no" even if it means they will be dumped. Colin Powell is a case in point. I'm sad for my country. We really appear to have lost it.

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