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30 January 2012


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The Twisted Genius

Dan Gackle,

PL nailed it. A wise HHE pretty much sums up what's taught as small unit leadership in the Army. It also sums up the Hagakure. The key is to not just study it, but live it... even when it sucks to do so.

The Twisted Genius

Back when the Army was still doing most of the non-embassy based DOD HUMINT, Senior case officers and operations officers were on the street 5 to 10 years or more. These were the people who took the newbies coming out of the Farm under their wings to continue their training. The old timers retired or moved on and this truly effective mentoring system dissapeared with them. There just weren't enough old timers left in the field to keep it going. Over the last 10 years of HUMINT in Iraq and Afghanistan, tradecraft skills really went to hell for the most part. There were exceptions. Too bad we didn't have the experience of HUMINT in Viet Nam to fall back on. We needed PL's generation more than ever.

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