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14 January 2012


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Media people aren't by and large uneducated, though. They are either willing co-opted or intentional saboteurs.

As an aside, I haven't finished reading it yet, but Michael Hastings "The Operators" is a fascinating read by a journalist who is willing to do what a journalist should actually do.


Steve B
TV journalists are generally "communications arts" people who don't know their a-s from a hot rock. If you are talking about print journalists I would agree. pl

William R. Cumming

Most MSM voices and views are shaped by who pays them!



That is too kind. I have too many experiences of producers and interviewers being totally blank at anything but parroting whatthey have been told is acceptedd wisdom. pl

Kelly Ana

Thankful discussion indeed! I think media should more concern about what exposing news to people. Anyway its very good read all over. Keep it up.


Well, those UN-educated media people can now get busy covering the Occupy AIPAC movement!!!!

Will You Occupy AIPAC? March 2-6 in Washington DC.


Phil Giraldi

I had a TV interview a couple of days ago regarding Iran (I won't name the network). The interviewer was so ignorant and poorly informed that he sat down with me beforehand and asked me to provide him with the questions to ask. At least he was acknowledging that the didn't know what the hell he was doing.


For those who constantly pine for a CEO President, please take note.

The last two businessmen to hold the office of President were George W. Bush and Herbert Hoover.

Medicine Man


I'm speechless, Mr. Giraldi. You essentially conducted both sides of the interview.

Norbert Salamon

It is somewhat interesting to note that notwithstanding the hype of the power of the President of USA the Prime Minister of English Imperial derived Governememtal systems is far more powerful than the President,as long as the said PM has a majority in their respective Parliament, e.g:

The Neocon PM of Canada, having achived majority in the House of Parliament with a 40% plurality of voters, can do anything within the Constitution [and respecting the slowness of Judiciary, quite a bit contrary to the Constitution]. The source of this power is that the PM sets the budget as he wishes and his party will vote it in, while the President is dependent on Congress - which might be working to make the President fail, as it is in this Congresws!


Many of these on air babbling pundits would do well to read Neustadt's "Presidential Power" (probably long out of print but here's the wiki link:

Morocco Bama

I believe the president of the U.S. could be an eggplant, and I wish it was. The outcome would be the same. Plus, I have a fondness for eggplant...especially Baba Ghanouj.

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