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31 January 2012


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I am "shocked, shocked." If you were not such an ernest person I would think you were mocking me. I am not a graduate of "The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina." My alma mater, VMI, is the third highest rated public college in the US. No, I learned it from Riebling. My favorite aphorism of this kind was learned from a Laotian sergeant of irregular troops. "Softly, softly, catchy monkey..." pl


Sorry, Colonel. It was VMI.


What sort of constitution do you think these "squirrels" are going to write?

I am reminded of my Dad's commentary on John Wayne Bobbitt during that gentleman's five minutes of fame: "The guy has the mind of a squirrel."

I wish I could add more to this debate, but it seems that there is no good democratic model for countries where Islam is the predominant religion. They all appear to be either: (1) dictatorial kingdoms; (2) military dictatorships; or (3) repressive theocracies.

The one possible exception I can think of--at least for now--is Turkey, where the jury is still out on what will happen with the current Islamist party in power and its "historic" suppression of army plots to keep the country on a "secularist" path. But, is Turkey a desirable model for the Middle East, or even a form of regime other countries there would care to adopt? I just don't know: the Middle East just doesn't seem to me to have the basic societal ingredients for democracy based on the Western parliamentary system.

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