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16 January 2012


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Jim Ticehurst

Alan...What..No Celtic Dancers..? no John Wayne..? Is this Chicago or Dublin..? Does it Have a Happy Ending..?

I Like the part About The Fat Guy..with sensitive Eyes..who becomes a World Class Swimmer..True Inspiration.

Happy New Year Alan..Don't Get Any Water in Yur Diesel..

Charles I

A reviewer AND a lexicographer! Having just finished The Professor and the Madman, the book about the writing of the O.E.D., I'll take your words for it and watch this, previously passed over


Simon Winchester is great.  Everything he's written.  Did Roget I think. Also Man Who Loved China also a new one on Atlantic also Karakatoa.  Great Brit twit.  AFF

Charles I

I loved The Man Who Loved China. And his lover. What a character. That's what led me to the OED book. Didn't think a volcano would do it for me but I shall read more of him upon your iprimamtur soon as I manage another manuscript just came in this week.

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