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20 January 2012


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Col Lang said:
"Never mind, the interesting thing here is a demonstration of the determination of SOME Jewish organizations to suppress free speech and drive people from the "public square." Why do they do that? That's easy to answe., The Shoah and a wealth of previous historical experience hangs over them.."

They did the same thing in the early days of the Soviet Union and that's before the holocaust (read up on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's work).

So why did they do it then? Could it be because they are hyper ethnocentric?

Morocco Bama

From the article to which you linked:

"“The clear and overwhelming record of the literally hundreds of articles and policy papers from the Center for American Progress and ThinkProgress demonstrates our longstanding support both for Israel and the two-state solution to the Middle East peace process as being in the moral and national security interests of the United States,”"

It's essentially a submissive and acquiescing pledge.....an affirmation that is mandarorily recited whenever confronted with such accusations. It's disgusting, spineless, gutless.....and opportunistically duplicitous.

Also, you have to laugh at the title of White House Jewish Community Liaison (currently Jarrod Bernstein per the article). That is ridiculous. Here we have a sect of people, a significant minority, grossly over-represented in almost any position of prominence imaginable, and a White House Liaison is still needed. Talk about redundancy. This takes the cake.


Simple question: If Israel is such a strategic asset to the USA, why do its supporters have to lobby the USG and Washington-area think tanks so much?

The Moar You Know

"Among the points of contention are Twitter posts by one CAP writer on his personal account referring to “Israel-firsters.” Some experts say the phrase has roots in the anti-Semitic charge that American Jews are more loyal to a foreign country, Israel, than to the United States."

Anti-semitic charge? Not hardly, just true. Read today's fun link from Gawker and weep.


Shame we can't deport the guy, he seems to be a citizen.


Perhaps they would be more comfortable with America-Lasters?


The term "anti-Semitic" has been totally debased by those who see Hitler behind every shrub and stone. In fact, the term is becoming increasingly associated with those honorable souls who speak the truth and fight for justice.

Those who constantly resort to labeling honorable people as anti-Semitic need to be called out for what they are: scurrilous windbags who support Zionist murder and oppression.

I for one am opposed to being dragged into another war on behalf of some misguided Jewish state.


Can someone please explain why the author of the following piece is not getting a visit from the FBI. See https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/284979-ajt.html

Imagine if this had appeared in an Arab-American newspaper.



Yes. This man advocates the assasination of the president by the Mossad. He should be looked at closely. pl

Vior swensen

This is getting crazy over there.


Wow. John Cook reports at Gawker:

Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, a weekly newspaper serving Atlanta's Jewish community, devoted his January 13, 2011 column to the thorny problem of the U.S. and Israel's diverging views on the threat posed by Iran. Basically Israel has three options, he wrote: Strike Hezbollah and Hamas, strike Iran, or "order a hit" on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!

Here's how Adler laid out "option three" in his list of scenarios facing Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu (the column, which was forwarded to us by a tipster, isn't online, but you can read a copy here):

Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.

Yes, you read "three" correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel's existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles?

Another way of putting "three" in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives...Jews, Christians and Arabs alike?

Vior swensen

The owner of an Atlanta Jewish newspaper has apologized for a column in which he discusses the possibility of Israel ordering the assassination of President Obama.
The Secret Service says it is investigating and a parade of Jewish leaders quickly moved to denounce Andrew Adler, publisher and owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Read more: http://www.forward.com/articles/150014/#ixzz1k36bHNLX

The Beaver


Looks like the Secret Service is already on his tail:http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/20/secret-service-investigating-jewish-newspaper-column-that-discussed-obama/


I'm at my ropes end. Young Mr. Adler, also presumably an American citizen, appears to suggest murdering Obama as an "option" for Israel in dealing with Iran. And if i call this man an "Israel-firster" under my byline in print I will be branded an antisemite. (The fact I'm Jewish is irrelevant). http://www.haaretz.com/news/international/uproar-after-jewish-newspaper-publisher-suggests-israel-assassinate-barack-obama-1.408429

Roy G.

Maybe the Wapoo is just playing it safe, because another new anti-Semitic hate crime is to call it apartheid.


So "Israel Firster" is starting to sting is it? Outstanding.

Let's hope it gains traction - both as a term and a concept - with American voters.

Medicine Man

What amazes me is how this tool takes it as an article of faith that Obama is a die-hard enemy of Israel. Or is he making such a suggestion merely because Obama is not deemed to be compliant enough? This is just chilling.

More disturbing is apparent lack of consideration about the consequences or does Adler imagine that the US government would cover up Israel's misdeed in his fantasy scenario?


Of course had he been a mooooslim, he would already be at Gitmo being handled by Elsa-she wolf of the SS.


Maybe he knows about the USS Liberty...maybe he knows the truth, that his gang owns you folks real good.


As for the Atlanta Jewish Times editor who listed as an 'option' for Israel the assassination of Obama, the elected president of the United States - I couldn't think of a more blatant example of an American citizen putting Israel first.

Adler, his lamentations to have been grossly misunderstood notwithstanding (I wonder: What can possibly be misunderstood about his op-ed?), is not an inane idiot who happened to have misspeak. Folks like Rachel Abrams or Irving Moskowitz can be expected to be in vehement agreement with his views, and can probably be quoted to that effect.

Presumably US born Israelis working for the Mossad, posing as CIA agents when recruiting Baluchi separatists to draw the US into a confrontation with Iran are another example.

These people are coming from somewhere i.e. of course there is a segment among American Jewry who do put Israel first.

Considering the extraordinary extent to which Obama has appeased Israel in spite of Netanyahu's even more extraordinary conduct, the notion that Obama hates Israel is nothing less than delusional.



The people who come here are sorrowfully aware of the dominant position in American affairs that has been achieved by Zionist interests. We do not need to have a foreigner who sits in Harperland heap scorn on us for our victimization. If you wish to participate in the discussion here, you may do so as long as you do not vent your dislike of the United States. pl


I got a perverse kick out of that Ha'aretz headline. This story is being widely covered in the Israeli press although not a peep from US mainstream press, as I expected.

Israel has a very fine, open press and I read it often to find out what's going on. "Uproar after Jewish Newspaper Publisher Suggests Israel Assassinate Barak Obama" -- unfortunately, here in the US there is no uproar. From the American press only a studied silence.

Morocco Bama

Very good point, Medicine Man. Obama is in AIPAC's pocket....he always was, and this zealous moron is too blind to even see it. I suppose he wants Israel's shoes not just shined by BHO, but spit shined....the old-fashion way, with a "yessir."

He's right in only one sense. Governments do assassinate the leaders of other governments, and it's possible, perhaps, Israel has such a plan in regards to the U.S....although if they did, it would be an "if all else fails and the circumstances are dire" plan, thus making the use of such a plan highly implausible. There are too many avenues fro them to manipulate the U.S. power structure these days. Drastic measures, considering that, are unnecessary.

However, to advocate for that is demented, but not surprising. I think he's just vocalizing what many zealots personally feel about the O Man right now. It's similar to how many so-called "conservatives" felt about Kennedy...especially the Texas nuts to include Bush Sr. None of that is to say that BHO is a Kennedy type. He's not. He's a corporate man all the way, and he will continue to do as he's told like the poodle he is, and that's what makes this nutjob's call for assassination that much more insane.


Matthew said...

Simple question: If Israel is such a strategic asset to the USA, why do its supporters have to lobby the USG and Washington-area think tanks so much?

good point, however, perhaps it is not so much israel being an asset, rather their wall street bankers who have become the 'asset'. Literally and figuratively speaking.


My immediate visceral reaction to the following is that Israel is a great danger and must be abolished. Of course, Israel is not necessarily responsible for the extremism of its supporters, but still. When I was younger I had great sympathy for Israel. That has eroded, and I feel almost hostile. Not there yet, but getting there.


NEW YORK - The owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, has suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu consider ordering a Mossad hit team to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama so that his successor will defend Israel against Iran.

Larry Kart

Not that he shouldn't be sat on hard by the FBI, but does anyone here think that Andrew Adler is anything other than a whack job? Need I mention that if what he says he wants should come to pass, Obama's successor scarcely would be moved (or be allowed politically) to embrace Israel?

Further, I don't know about your communities, but here in the Chicago area over the years a fair number of owner-publishers of community newspapers have proved to be nutty. It seems to be a good fit.


Mr. Adler probably has numerous friends in Israel from whom he picked up his despicable thoughts. These kind of thoughts are table talk at breakfast, lunch and dinner among a large segment of the Israeli population, especially patrons of the Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu and, of course, settler fanatics.

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