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15 January 2012


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Charles I

Yet even were it now more widely broadcast, at this point people would hear but not listen, so for our purposes, its a nothing. In any event, aren't fatwas just patently evil, part of Sharia coming to a town near us?

Roy G.

Relevant under the theme of things 'they' don't want mentioned, I suppose the MSM will studiously ignore this FP expose about the Mossad posing as CIA and recruiting and aiding Jundallah as part of their covert war on Iran.


Apparently, the Israelis were blatant in their efforts, and the story has been confirmed by multiple sources in the CIA. Juan Cole has a good post on it as well.

robt willmann

The joint military exercises between the U.S. and Israel have been "postponed", according to the seventh paragraph of this Bloomberg news article of today (15 Jan.).


"A joint U.S.-Israel military exercise that was to be the biggest ever between the two countries has been postponed, Israel Radio reported today without saying how it obtained the information. Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman Josh Hantman said in a phone interview that the exercise was still under discussion and declined to give further details."

The article says that Gen. Martin Dempsey will still be making his trip to Israel this week.

Two days ago, Foreign Policy magazine had an article claiming to be based on CIA memoranda that described how Israeli Mossad agents while pretending to be CIA officers tried to recruit members of the Jundullah group to commit acts of violence and assassination in Iran during the Bush jr. administration.


The article further claims that Bush jr. "went absolutely ballistic" when he was briefed on the Israeli false flag operation.

Not surprisingly, a "senior Israeli government official" was quoted in the Haaretz newspaper as saying that the above article's report that Mossad agents posed as CIA spies was "absolute nonsense".


If the Foreign Policy article is true, the timing of the leak in the midst of all the propaganda to gin up a war with Iran is intriguing.



The false flag thing is standard practise world-wide for anyone who has five bucks for coffee. The interesting thing in this case is that the Izzies used OUR flag to recruit. Perhaps we should use their flag to recruit covert agents for ---? Let's see, which community would we recruit for this in? pl


The Iranian "nuts" on the other side are convinced an attack is coming, likely at some time within the next eighteen months. Political elements of such are Churchillian in nature, in terms of their self-perceived moral stance, defiance and resilience.

anna missed

Good you should mention this Dr Silverman.

If we could imagine for a minute that our own Supreme Court was also the most powerful part of government with absolute veto power over all other government institutions, legislation, and elected officials, and at the same time was also the ultimate religious authority that informs and legitimizes all of its rulings - then we might gather something of the gravity of this particular Fatwa.
It's doubtful if not unthinkable, that such a ruling would be issued capriciously or for immediate political or propaganda purposes, or for that matter, external/international consumption. But more likely, is issued for internal edification spelling out in no uncertain terms, the exact moral, ethical, and material position of the (Iranian) nation on the matter.
I suppose the Fatwa is so conveniently "forgotten" in the western press is in part because, when put proper context, the ruling is actually quite convincing as to Iranian intentions, especially considering the pro-intervention crowd is already going upstream against our own intelligence estimates.
An interesting question might be, what if the pro-democracy movement had been successful a couple years ago, and the new government decided to continue the same nuclear policies - would then the influence of the clerical position be seen then as a negative, seeing that policy now would be driven by an exclusively political agenda.

Norbert Salamon

Thank you for your analysis, and thank Dr. Silverman for bringing up this issue.

The treatement of the Fatwa in MSM and US/NATO world is similar to the attention devoted to intentional WILLFUL mis-translation regarding the President of Iran on the matter that the Zionist entity will meet the same fate as USSR, be erased - without implying any overt/covert action against the people of Israel.

Unfotunately to a large extent the MSM and the power Elite treat other important topics the same way as the Fatwa, global warning, ecological mistreatment by various chemicals, peak oil [which refers to a ceiling reached in production, not that there will be no oil] etc.



I have known about this fatwa for some years, but never managed to find the original text and a reliable translation. (Caveat, there might not be any text, the fatwa might be oral).

If anyone could find a full text, I would be grateful. It is surprisingly difficult to track down.

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