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02 January 2012


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Brien J Miller

No problems getting on for me, nor have I had any recently.

Yellow Dog

Error message "Stack Overflow at Line 0". Running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. I can just hit "OK" a dozen times or so and the page will go ahead and load.

r whitman

In the past I have gotten the "stack overflow at line 0" message a number of times but not in the last week. froze up my computer and I needed to reboot. Using IE8 with Windows 7.

Farmer Don

On my New Windows 7, have the same problem as Yellow Dog,
Gave up trying to view your blog.
Didn't find out the solution till I hammered the OK button a dozen times in frustration.

No Problems ever on my MAC.

PS Happy New Year to all and Many Thanks to Col. Lang for this great source of info.

The Twisted Genius

Yellow Dog, the source of that problem is most likely within IE8 or an add on to IE8. Just google "Stack Overflow at Line 0" for possible solutions. OTOH, a coding error in Typepad could also cause it or at lease trigger it.

PL, no problems from here.



Don't forget the "compatability view" button and




You probably need to run Windows updates until they finish, sounds like a bug on IE or try using Firefox instead.


I have no problems usually. Over the holidays i was at my mother's house. She uses AOL and also has a bunch of security/encryption stuff on her computer having to do with financial compliance (she runs a small insurance/investment business). Every attempt to visit SST caused the browser to crash.


Occasionally when I go to reply, I am given the instructions to enter some code, e.g., "xy77tl". The space for entering that code is cut-off and there is no "enter" or "submit" button when I have have finished typing it.


The only difficulty was when I was in India, and it wasn't just turcopolier. None of the typepad.com blogs was accessible; I had to use a US or Canada based proxy server.


No problems. I use Linux and Firefox.

John Minnerath

I ran into that for a while.
Then it seemed to go away.
I use Firefox and I think maybe a browser update fixed it.


I use Firefox and Safari on a Mac with no problems

Tony Papert

Stack overflow at line 0, repeatedly,-- and solidly the past four days until now. All I knew to do was ctrl-alt-delete and kill my Internet Explorer 8. This is the first time I've been able actually to see the site for four days. It happened frequently before that as well.

--Tony Papert

r whitman

Do you think switching to IE9 would help or do you suggest I reload IE8 ??

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

No problems here. Mac w/ Chrome (after many years of using Firefox...)



No problems reading the site, which I visit every day. I have had a couple recent posts that have disappeared into the Internet aether, but that kind of omission arguably raises the overall quality of discourse here, so no real problem there.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for all your efforts here and elsewhere!



Don't know what happened to your posts. Maureen and john have moved up to the central California coast. pl



So Maureen is moving up towards my old haunts, eh? Well, good for her, because that's magnificent country. I just sent you two some correspondence with a picture I hope you'll enjoy, of the results of another recent move. Seems like everybody's moving these days...

Hope you're staying put, though!

Paul in NC

Stack Overflow at Line: 0. Hit the OK button about 10 times and it disappears. Your website is the only one that does this on this computer

Jonathan House

I use chrome as my browser and have had no problems.


I use Firefox, latest version, and I encountered no problems throughout yesterday.



From Typepad:

"I have loaded your blog in several version of Internet Explorer and am not able to locate the behavior. A message of "stack overflow" is usually related to a javascript error that can be caused by a number of things, but more than likely will show up in a blog due to widgets added to the sidebar.

We suggest sharing the following URL to the affected readers to see if following the steps provided helps remove the message: http://24sevenpost.com/tech-gizmo/fix-stack-overflow-line-0-3-simple/" pl

Yellow Dog

Fixed now, thanks!

different clue

I was having this problem but finally in frustration kept pounding the "ok" box enough times that I got onto
the blog. Since I don't understand the fixes offered above, and I wouldn't be allowed to "change anything" on these workplace computers anyway, I will try multipounding
the "ok" box and hope that works every time.

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