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30 January 2012


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Green Zone Cafe

I'm done commenting here. The issue is, if I'm going to be personally attacked as "having the blood of American soldiers" on my hands, I can't defend myself with my personal story, which is much too painful to air in public.

So fuck off.



What do you think you all did when you, Bremer, Slocum, Chalabi et al disbanded the Iraqi Army rather than use part of it it against the insurgents. You made insurgents of all those soldiers and officers.. You are unrepentant. You did it. Live with it. pl


Bremer the 'scapegoat'? Nice to work where no one is accountable to anyone for anything. No wonder we lost.


GZC "Bremer was just another confused sod in Baghdad who got drafted into what he thought was national service ..."

This is just patently offensive. Drafted my ass. He spent two decades in the foreign service and another afterwards with Kissinger & Associates. He was not a babe in the woods.


Had a close shave in Iraq my first day there, early June '03. I went down to have a look at a group of Iraqi soldiers protesting against the occupation near the green zone about having their livelihood taken away (and their pensions cut). They quickly turned into a mob and rounded on me and my driver. Five or six of them had me in their hands and were dragging me... somewhere. A humvee came out, pointed the .50 cal at them. They got the message. Me and my driver split -- we saw the humvee go back inside the gate. The story i wrote was about how those folks would probably be killing Americans soon. It was like i was psychic or something.

steve g

I would say show some of that MC
"espirit" you admire. Regroup. Adapt
and overcome. These are mere words.
Admittedly, highly emotional words
but in the context of these subjects
they are to be expected. As we used to
say in RVN, if you're not out of ammo
and the VC/NVA aren't coming through the
wire,"What's to worry!"

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