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16 January 2012


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William Fitzgerald

Alan (the other) Farrell,

Yes! This film is one of my favorites. Guilt and redemption and humor and irony, along with good work by good actors.



Only after you've struggled up the 300 steps of the Belfry do you really appreciate the scene about "the elephants."

Phil Giraldi

I loved it!

mistah charley, ph.d.

wonderful movie


It was a great flick.

Medicine Man

This was a good flick. I remember it having a slow-ish start, not tipping its hand about the main plot for awhile. Gleeson and Farrell's characters are much like tourists who happen to be button men than the other way around. Their interactions with other tourists/expats in the earlier parts of the movie reinforce this facade. Farrell's conversation with the coked-out midget is particularly funny.

Farrell is better in roles like this rather than "period pieces" (for lack of a better term) like Alexander. I remain fond of Gleeson since I first saw him in 28 Days Later. Actually, I think I saw him earlier in that Ridley Scott film, Kingdom of Heaven. He was good in that too, only not as likable.

PS: I still need to pick your brain about Unforgiven, Mr. Farrell.


I wasn’t expecting to like “In Bruges,” having become a trifle impatient with movies that involve gangsters having qualms and thinking thoughts, but it won me over.

Gleeson was also the lead in McDonagh’s first film, a short called “Six Shooter,” well worth looking up.
I always thought that if he’d been a bit younger, taller, and thinner, he would have been much better cast as Michael Collins than Liam Neeson.


You see one McDonagh play or movie and you've seen them all. One trick pony.


Yeah... but a good trick at least.  AFF

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