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20 January 2012


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Maureen Lang

Thanks for this link to the Etta James TA post, Pat. As I noted in its comment thread, I'm really hoping that SST/TA reader & commenter Bobby Murray (aka taters), a terrific guitarist who toured with James for many years, will leave a reminiscence or two over there.


Thank you Maureen, for posting this. She did not get enough recognition in her lifetime.


RIP Etta James and Johnny Otis, there will be good rockin' in heaven tonight.

Bobby Murray

I posted over at Athenaeum Maureen, it hasn't made it up yet. Pat has my email addie if I glitched, I'll be happy to redo it. Thank you for honoring my boss of 22 years.

Kind Regards,

Maureen Lang


Thanks so much for posting a comment on Etta James- your Athenaeum comment did, unfortunately, disappear into the ether (I just searched all the spam etc. over on TA & it's nowhere to be found).

Please do post your TA comment again. Thanks.

Edited To Add: Bobby's comments on the passing of Etta James, her life & music, are now up on The Athenaeum.

Bobby Murray

I was asked to give a few quotes and share a story or two about my boss of 22 years. It's still pretty tough on me, despite being mentally prepared. I loved her and I always will.


Bobby Murray

Thanks for putting it up at The Athenaeum Maureen, my computer skills are primitive. And to the commenters here, thank you for honoring an incredible artist, one of a kind - and someone who has been a big part of my life. Rest in peace Etta.

"So sorry to hear about Etta," Aretha Franklin said. "Etta James was one of the great soul singers of our generation. An American original! I loved 'Pushover,' 'At Last' and almost any and everything she recorded!!! When Etta sung, you heard it!"

And from Bonnie Raitt:
To me, Etta James stands as one of the greatest singers of all time… any genre, any era. The sheer power and depth of emotion, phrasing and nuance in her voice set her so far above the rest, and have since she first started out. Her perseverance, ferocity and vulnerability have been as inspirational to me as her monumental talent. I bow to you, my dear friend and soul Sister…now and for always.

I'm quoted in these articles





I'm very sad :(


Totally agree with you

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