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15 January 2012


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Reports I'm reading suggest that the MB has given up the fight already. They don't even want to take power until June! That's when Amr Mousa will become President. He is widely expected to serve the interests of the military, a true replacement for Mubarak.

Other MB parliaments--in Tunisia and Morocco--are also showing themselves to be toothless. Surprising stuff, only a year after being demonized as the bogeyman by Israel and the West.

But not so surprising after you consider what happened to the MB over the past decade. In Algeria and Tunisia they were ruthlessly hunted down.

The dogs have been beaten to the point that they know their place.

The Twisted Genius


The MB may just realize the wisdom of patience. Immediately taking on the Egyptian military head on is probably not the wisest course of action for them. Look what happened when Hamas won the last Palestinian election. They ran into a fire pocket.


Hence, the Turkish example. Erdogan is the model for Islamists.

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