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06 January 2012


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Cato the Censor

That picture with the guy brandishing the hangman's noose is certainly reminiscent of 1793 and the Terror.

William R. Cumming

PL! When you get a chance could you give us your view on where the Arab Spring has grown seed or failed crops elsewhere?


Aren't the military leadership cynically sacrificing their old boss and confederate to delude a largely ignorant population into thinking that some positive reform is occuring? I doubt that the educated and largely young people who brought down Mubarak and paid the price are similalrly deluded. But they are marginal to the struggle between the new Old Regime and the Islamists.



All correct except that the semi-westernised group are utterly powerless and the military will have the businessmen's guts for garters if they are displeased with them. there is no "ancien regime," just sharks circling each other. pl

Vior swensen

"Some idiot here will say that this is because he is still "running' Egypt for the USA. "

no chance of that? why only an idiot would think that the U.S would try to maneuver their assets into positions of influence if not outright control. who did Hosni represent?

by the way those american assets would be called traitors in their countries...you know much like the americans would call a traitor someone who does the bidding of a foreign nation.

even in the catbird seat sometimes the cat does eat the canary.



The problem with your argument is that in the case of Egypt, it is simply not true. Truth is a M---------r and you are just another anti-american lefty who will not inhabit my site. pl


the military will have the businessmen's guts for garters

Pat, what is your use of garters in this context.
They have the economical leverage to push interested legislation?

Another question. Why is this different from the execution of Saddam?



Your economic leverage does you no good if you are dead or in prison a la Putin and the oligarchs. pl

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