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10 December 2011


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Looks like the earthworks from a civil war fort. After some googling I'd guess it's probably Ft. Fisher. I visited there about two years ago - there's a nice aquarium there now.


Fort Fisher, sea face view : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Fisher

B. D. Warbucks


You raised my curiosity, so I had to Google the image.

It is Fort Fisher, in New Hanover County, NC, which protected the Cape Fear Inlet. It protected access to Wilmington, the last major Confederate coastal fortification to be seized by the Union. It took two battles to do the job.

The Second Battle of Fort Fisher was a joint Army Navy Marine (yes, the Marines!) endeavor, long before Jointness was a warfighting concept.

Google is God.


B.D. Warbucks

Yes, but the navy-marine landing party was defeated in their landing against this sea face wall. Devereux knew about that. He learned it the hard way. In the end, Alfred Terry's scratch corps broke in from the north side- 12 January, 1865. The loss of the fort closed the last blockade running port. pl




Very Easy : Drag the image to google image search & see the result.



Such a clever fellow! pl


Beautiful place to visit. My friends and I usually go down that way for a weekend every summer - couple of nice little towns on the beach there, not nearly as hectic and crowded as Myrtle Beach and the like.


It looks like the future Staples National Forest and (proposed) Water Park.


Our first line of defense in case of attack by Iran once Gingrich is in office?

Byron Raum

Who invented the Iranians?



Who invented the Israelis? God? Come to think of it, who invented Americans? Ah, I remember, our ancestors invented Americans so that they could live in the city on a hill after first taking the building site from the Indian "squatters" and then smiting the unworthy and immoral degenerates to the south. pl


December 10 is also the lowest tide of the year- at least on the West Coast


I believe a full moon, too. Just the kind of night for a debate, no?


Who invented God?

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